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10 More Ways to Take It Off–Give It Up (excess weight!)

We have a list of 25 items, and it is just too much to take in at one time. Here are 10 more ways to give the universe back what it so generously gave you. You can feel great knowing: To whom much is given, much is expected back. Aren’t you happy to oblige?

Again, these are in random order. I want you to be able to fully own each one as a technique unto itself, and the reason why will become clear in Part 3.

11. View your naked body at least once weekly. Become very comfortable with the way it looks now and celebrate your awareness of your girth as a blessing. Who you are now in the universe, as you are, must be acknowledged gratefully and humbly before taking steps to change.

12. Dress with an eye towards fitness—wear clothing that’s well-fitted to your shape to enhance your flattering side, features, comfort, etc.

13. Do oil-pulling to rid the mouth/teeth/tongue, esophagus and upper respiratory system of toxins.

14.  Go to sleep as early as possible and note how and when you naturally awaken.

15.  Do not eat after 7-9 pm, depending on your rhythm. once you notice a sleeping pattern that works for you, you will know how late you can eat.

16.  Look for results of “bad” eating within 24-72 hours and get the lesson. Headaches. Constipation. Diarrhea. Rashes. Coughing. Sore Throat.  You get the idea. This new knowledge about how eating a certain way is not evidence of how bad a person you are. It’s just telling you how you may use food, eating, mealtime and splurging to process life events and your emotional state simultaneously. Make the connection between thoughts you had and your subsequent indulgence or whim, to realize how powerfully thought can affect health.

17.  Start acknowledging how great a person you are as part of your thanksgiving or grace before meals. Yes! Do say grace of some kind to be intentional about your ability, right, and the gift to be eating food normally rather than through a tube. Give thanks!

18.  Chew every bite 25-35 times. The extra saliva stimulates production of acids that are needed by the stomach to break down and digest the food.

19.  Use smaller salad plates for your meal. Restaurants around the world give much smaller portions than U.S. eateries, and it shows, to the detriment of national health!

20.  Give yourself 10-15 minutes before getting seconds; then consider drinking water instead of getting seconds.

Part 3: Conclusion


(see Part 1 for Resources)