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My Role Models

photo of Dr Wangari Maathai watering a young tree with girlMy three role models are Frances Fuller, Vianne, the heroine in the movie “Chocolat,” and the late Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize winner, of Kenya.

Frances moved from Florida to Singapore and is now a Young Living Diamond. The new Young Living Essential Oils office in Singapore that she founded serves millions of people.

I roomed with Frances on my first Young Living cruise. She muscle-tested constantly with her hands; I thought she was wringing them. She questioned herself about any and everything and got answers directly from Spirit. photo of Frances FullerIt worked for her and I observed that it did. This role model taught her Rainbow Healing System on the cruise and I love practicing her great centering techniques.

Vianne of “Chocolat” (played by Juliette Binoche) introduced cocoa and her shop, a chocolaterie, to this small, conservative French town just before the Lenten season. She turned many lives around in the process, breaking some taboos and causing people to open their eyes in awareness. Read the book or see the video when you can. Johnny Depp plays her love interest and the story is about the meeting of love, purpose and passion brought about by relating to people and intuiting their needs.

photo of Vianne in front of her store The back story of Vianne’s having a Mayan mother and raising her six year old daughter alone with spiritual Amerindian values parallels my submission to God Alone and the values I live based on the Qur’an and other ancient scripture. Vianne was seen as different, and so am I. In the movie you can tell she loves every minute of her life and so do I!

The late Wangari Maathai and her Green Belt Movememnt planted 51 million trees in Kenya, and she was beloved as Africa’s Mother of Trees. Photo of Dr. Wangari Maathai holding a baby tree She understood that cutting down trees, the first step in modernization and development, also led to drought if not carefully monitored.

In 2004 she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for taking “a holistic approach to sustainable development that embraces democracy, human rights and women’s rights in particular” and for serving “as inspiration for many in the fight for democratic rights.” Dr. Maathai was called a “force of nature” by the U.N. and was a college professor as well as author of six books.

When I heard she had won the Nobel, I felt as if I had taken home the prize myself! That’s how in sync I felt with her mission, life, fight for justice, and compassion for the poor and the needs of the earth.

Wangari, Vianne and Frances are my role models because they represent the progressive woman as change agent. I had a store in the Elizabethport, New Jersey, community to facilitate CHANGE, just as these three women were midwives of change and transformation in their communities.

CHANGE was my Million $ Dollar Store contributing to the neighborhood’s enhancement, just as Vianne’s chocolate store and Dr. Maathai’s tree planting efforts did. CHANGE was  my raising people’s consciousness every single day, informing customers about mind-body-spirit health and their role in sustaining it, just as Frances did and is still doing.

Actually, all three women influenced positive change in both of these ways.

I love natural energy work and am committed to sharing it. Some people garden or paint and then make the hobby an enterprise that shapes the rest of their lives.

I am retired (from working for others), and my “re-creation” media is essential oils and energy work through Reiki and EFT-Tapping. This is a natural fit for me, being a soft-wood person (according to traditional Chinese medicine), a nature/air person (according to Dagarra African wisdom) and going through a #1 pinnacle of life (a business cycle according to numerology, in my last phase of life).

These elemental perspectives underscore that wood and air are fundamental to me. Oils are made from wood (et cetera) and carried by air. How much closer to “nature’s living energy” can a person get?

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