25 Ways To GIVE BACK THE WEIGHT That’s No Longer Yours

Part 1 —  10 Techniques to get you started

Remember the song lyrics, “Who’s gonna take the weight? I don’t know, I don’t know!”

Kool and The Gang’s song, when applied to extra pounds and inches at the waist, and an expanded bustline or shoe size, has special meaning.

The fact is, it—the excess weight, adipose cells, a.k.a. FAT— came from the universe, and it is only righteous and just that it Go Back. It’s not doing you any good, is it?

Follow the suggestions below and you’ll be able to sing, “U-ni-verse, u-ni-verse,” instead of “I don’t know” when you hear the song again.

These suggestions are in random order, although I attempted to group like ideas together.

  1. Eat green veggies after meals especially at night. Let the last thing to enter your mouth be
    pic of bunch of grapes

    Juicy fruits like grapes can replace fried snacks with ease and satisfy a sweet tooth at the same time.

    water, green smoothie, or “green” vegetable such as celery, cucumber, green or red pepper, mushroom, mint leaves, parsley, etc.

  2. Drink alkalizing liquid first thing every morning. Options: half or whole lemon squeezed in warm water, tsp or TBSP apple cider vinegar in warm water, coconut oil (build up from 1 tsp to 1 TBSP), swig of a probiotic drink like kefir
  3. Eat carbohydrate foods AFTER proteins in the meal. Or eat them separately.
  4. Have fruits alone or BEFORE a full meal. Generally, fruits have a clearing effect and what you’re doing is clearing the way for digestion as well as cleansing and toning the system.
  5. Test your hunger by addressing it with water, coconut water or a green drink first. Dry mouth can imitate hunger AND slaking thirst prior to meals is a proven way to reduce overeating
  6. Replace one meal with a pulpy juice replacement meal, preferably vegetable. When you get to know your body it will guide you to fruit juice or veggie juice or even a combination.
  7. Get to know your current sleep pattern and adjust it towards circadian, dawn-to-dusk-to-night rhythm to enhance digestion.
  8. Take five, belly-deep breaths BEFORE AND AFTER each meal, exhale slowly through the mouth. (Learn any of the several qigong exercises for enhancing digestion.)
  9. Become familiar with your digestive organs and massage them regularly, especially at night while laying down before falling asleep. Liver, stomach, gall bladder, kidneys, adrenals, sternum (chest), intestines.
  10. Use hypnosis audios, subliminal weight-loss mp3s, and/or create your own 3-8 week program of affirmations, tracking (meals and thoughts) and journaling.



Part 2: Ten More Techniques To GIVE IT UP (Pounds melt dancing to Marvin Gaye!)