Reiki Healing

There are uncountable forms of spiritual healing energy methods. They all come from the revitalization of the hand-healing practices less than 100 years ago. During the 1950s-70s, Americans started creating their own forms because of what the self-healing work did for them. My first Reiki teacher, Nurah Brenda Johnson, created what she called African Hand Healing during the 1990s.

From her, I have been blessed to be attuned to one of the most popular Usui Reiki Ryoho forms, Seichem, also known as SKHM. It deals with the chakras and has an ancient Egyptian slant. Its founder Patrick Zeigler, is now doing All Love, which focuses on healing the heart center. I experienced an All-Love workshop in Puerto Rico in 2007, and the effects are still reverberating.

Most recently, I have received training in Healing Touch, a form popular among nurses and often associated with the revival of “laying on of hands” in the Christian church. I use essential oils as part of my sessions because, like Reiki itself, they boost my energetic frequency and support the body-mind-spirit healing process.


It is my pleasure to offer Reiki and Healing Touch techniques for the ultimate purpose of raising your energetic frequency and enhancing your well-being.
Pic of Essential Oil dropped into hand

We also offer “Anointments” which are special sessions incorporating assessments, counseling, and essential oils. 

Sessions take place at

The Sanctuary in Union, NJ,

The HealMobile can travel to you for group sessions. 

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Our introductory Reiki healing video, “REIKI with Niamo”