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Aroma Freedom Via Essential Oils

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AFT is a veritable “contribution to the transformation of the universe.” (Book cover pictured)

I am pleased to offer Aroma Freedom (AF) transformational sessions, another high-quality service you can expect from The HealMobile. 

Move Yourself Forward with AF

AF is a process allows you to move yourself forward, and identify and handle obstacles that have been below conscious awareness yet running your life or holding you back. As you know, I love helping people push through their limitations, build up their healing skills, and transform their lives forever.

Colleague’s testimony:  I worked with a dear friend that has dealt with negative relationships her entire life. Releasing situations from childhood, she now has more clarity in her life and is not allowing others’ negativity to impact her life. The lady is ecstatic and I know more and more positive things will appear in her life. She is very grateful and telling everyone!

I use AFT on myself and my clients, and it is a fantastic resource for a fundamental change of attitude and perspective.

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AF evolved from Dr. Benjamin Perkus’s 20 years of experience helping clients with conventional and alternative medicine techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), EMDR, NET, ART, Neurofeedback and other psychology methods.

As the psychotherapist grew more comfortable with using essential oils in his practice, he could no longer ignore his clients’ quick and lasting results.

Dr. Perkus says: “Using essential oils in conjunction with specific awareness steps leads to powerful changes that people can notice immediately.

“The Aroma Freedom method is an amazing emotional clearing process because it follows the actual path that the brain uses when it creates its defense system.

AF dismantles this defense, clears out the trapped and incomplete emotional energy, and restores the natural flow of creative intelligence so that a person can be guided towards his or her heart’s desire.

“It does this in minutes. It does this predictably — and– the changes are permanent.  The Aroma Freedom process can be:

  • Learned by anyone
  • Practiced on oneself daily
  • Done in groups
  • Done in person or online”

WHO IS Aroma Freedom FOR?

AF is for those who appreciate the comment, “I have a feeling I may be my own worst enemy.” This means you recognize a great opportunity is around the corner.

If you believe you can have radiance and optimum health, and if you want to defeat stagnation, feeling stuck, self-defeating behavior, or blocks and obstacles that consistently confront you, AF is for you.

img_0644Client testimony: Niamo expertly guided  me through the process and identified the exact emotions that blocked me. Through her support I designed the perfect affirmation to help me manifest my goals. –C. McFarlane, Queens, NY

Personal testimony: I can attest to AF helping me to embrace ALL aspects of myself, including anger and fear. People comment that I seem to be glowing, and this is brand new for me. I know the healing energy afforded by AF is available to everyone.  –Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

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$90 in person; $45 online for a limited time. Sessions last up to 45 minutes (COVID19 pricing here)

Note:  For online sessions you should have lavender, frankincense and Stress Away (or similar) blend. Pure essential oils or scents (perfumes) that you love may also be used. We can communicate using Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

Begin thinking about an intention you’ve been holding onto for some time and can’t seem to manifest.

“Aroma Freedom is really for people who want to help themselves through a large block,” says my colleague Jeff Mankowski.

Donations and Love Contributions accepted anytime.

*The value of a one-on-one personal session is I often do tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique in the Gold Standard method of founder Gary Craig) and use other relaxation tools as part of your gift for coming to see me at The Sanctuary in Union, New Jersey (and on Monday and Wednesday, Montclair, NJ).

You’ll be getting a taste of the new “Free Your Feelings”™ approach which combines several effective high-energy techniques. Details and schedule an appointment here.