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YOUR BEST DIRECTION. If you are at a crossroads — in pain, recovery, feeling drained, bowled over or confronted — choose to embrace PGS, your personal guidance system. This will have you lead your life and your group with excellence. Your birthright, inner genie, genius, heart and soul, internal compass — whatever that interior truth is known by — knows where you are headed and your Best Direction to get there.

It is time you do, too. Leading the group, team, and board to an elevated position happens effortlessly when you emit HIGHER, STRONGER, soul-based or soular energy. It helps to be facing in your best direction, symbolically and physically. The Best Direction descriptions that follow, North, South, East, West and Center, are ways to begin. Consultation Required. 


NORTH. Spiritual Health Assessment —this metaphysical map that I draw of your world employs at least three ethnocultural wisdom approaches. Date of birth and name reveal The Number You Are in this galaxy. Numbers have been interpreted through mystical schools since antiquity and today, applying this knowledge is imperative. Be surprised this discovery reveals truths only your soul knows. I will evaluate special Mayan, Chinese, and Hindu astronomical indicators in tandem with sacred scriptural insights. Overstanding your multi-pointed “star” is key to where you are spiritually and where you may go next. Includes written report. 

SOUTH. Energy Training —learn to identify your natural-born gifts and use them wisely. Course includes my book, Light on Reiki and Neo-African Mysticism, myriad handouts and certificate of completion. Taught online, with one personal meeting recommended. Small group classes may be possible as the lockdown eases. Feng shui and lifestyle suggestions are part of the curriculum. Reiki encompasses how you live as well as how you feel and emanate good health. 

EAST. Naming and Proclaiming —own your foresight, vision, perspective, being-ness. Who you are as a name and proclaiming it with gusto gives freedom and joy. Based on my book, Nine Principles for Loving Living, this Compass Direction takes the Name and Praise principles and pushes you past challenges based on lineage. Entails a phone or webcam interview and includes Reiki and write-up. 

WEST. Scribing Your Life —this is a communications service that presents you to the world. Your biographical sketch, advertisement, backgrounder, About Page, fact sheet/one-pager and article byline must be written by someone who can express your inner energy, genius and contribution to life with aplomb. Includes copywriting and content for your website. 

CENTER. Engagement Workshops are for group work: anti-racism and reparations explorations as well as skills upgrades for staff and nonprofit leaders. “The Imperative of Oneness” shifts participants to revisit who enemy groups truly are. “Free Your Feelings” demonstrates how essential oils address limiting thought patterns so they never arise again.