Aromatherapy is Royal Treatment

pic of sudanese woman myrrh


It is an inexpensive way to maintain optimum health and to treat oneself royally, naturally. The following Q&A should answer questions you may have about the high prices of truly pure essential oils.

1) Exactly how do essential oils transmit healing? Please explain in detail. 
Oils do not transmit healing per se, they transmit or carry chemical constituents which give the aroma and other notable qualities such as repairing and cleansing, that the plant and body can use. Oils may be thick/thin and slow/fast — myrrh and lemon for examples, respectively — and this in turn facilitates the body’s systems to function properly.
Oils provide an oil-change and tune-up for the body (which is appropriate for HealMobiles!) Chemical reactions —redness, rashes or interactions of an oil with someone’s skin — may be influenced by a person’s sensitivity or inclination to skin dryness, excessive oiliness or other factors.
Oils enter the body in four ways — inhalation, through the skin, by swallowing, and via the body’s orifices or cavities. The following three perspectives on the healing nature of essential oils are often cited for historical understanding, and in usage today these approaches overlap quite a bit:
  • all EOs should be diluted in a fatty oil and no more than 5% should be EOs
  • oils are especially useful in massage therapy, since purity cannot be assured and potency of oils can be absorbed over a larger skin area
  • most oils are not of a quality that is safe in undiluted applications
  • they believe in the effectiveness of the aroma of oils
  • they popularized the term aromatherapy
  • oils molecules go directly into the brain through olfactory nerves (smelling) which are connected to the middle of the brain, the amygdala (the “hard drive” or “OS” for the emotions)
  • believe the human being benefits when all four methods of taking oil into the body are used
  • believe oils must be therapeutic in quality, and harvested and distilled for highest potency
  • emphasis should be on therapy over time, not just aroma
Many doctors and researchers in the field hold the French perspective. Therapeutic-grade oils are produced following a specialized process beginning with seed quality and ending with distillation, harvesting and quality testing of each batch of oil.

everybody needs eos man and frank tree
2) Exactly what does a person need to do to access the healing power of oils? How do I set up a therapeutic home environment, including tools needed and cost?  
  • BELIEVE they work, intention often affects outcome
  • test for sensitivity
  • start with a drop and go slowly; a little goes a long way
  • for children and the elderly, use half of the recommendations for ingesting pure oils
  • drink a lot of pure water (a flushed, alkaline environment is needed for health)
  • Get rid of toxic cleaning agents  and health and beauty products
  • Rebuild your medicine cabinet with essential oils and oil-infused supplements
  • Replace “under sink” cleaning products with environmentally friendly products
  • Create your own disinfectants/fresheners using water, castile soap, and oils in a spray bottle
  • eat as organic and green as possible
  • use a diffuser or two to purify the air in the home
  • contact me if you wish more guidance; text (201) 966-1170

3. What is the evidence –historic and otherwise– of essential oils facilitating healing?

  • A good overview is provided by the movie, Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils
  • Ancient hieroglyphics to revealed scripture in various religions
  • Christian suppression to re-ascension in the 20th century
  • renowned Cleveland Clinic was among the first major hospitals to use EOs (oncology and neonatal)
  • Based on the profusion of studies validating the effectiveness of essential oils, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared many oils and blends GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) and suitable as food additives and food flavoring


  • The HealMobile’s Research site  (use #952900 to order but call 800-371-3515 WITH me, it’s easier)
  • Institute for Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy (train to introduce aromatherapy into your house of worship; also get certified in Healing Touch or Clinical Aromatherapy)
  • Quantum Physics, Essential Oils & The Mind-Body Connection (How EOs Really Work) by Dr. David Stewart (pamphlet)
  • Chemistry of Essential Oils, a 600-page tome also by Dr. Stewart
  • Essential Oils Desk Reference, 6th edition
  • Essential Oils Pocket Reference, 6th edition
  • Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide by D. Gary YoungP

Pictured are a woman harvesting myrrh and a man harvesting frankincense, two of the most important and cherished essential oils, available since antiquity.