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Which Way Should You Go? Toward Your True Direction, HealMobile

This is YOUR earth.

What are you doing about it? Letting others decide and choose?

If you are at a crossroads and cannot choose your direction, are NOT expressing the passion, gifts and wisdom you were born with, it’s time to take a good look at why this is so. (Read Covid19 prices and service details here.)

IT IS TIME to kick what’s not of your world, headspace, and home-of-your-heart, to the curb. Like, really, let those old, outdated ways of being know that the new you will no longer play host. Stop reacting to everything!

Still can’t shake the reasons? Mother, Father, Color, DNA, Tribe, History, Education, RACISM? Well, NO, Sorry. You must –if you want to be long-lasting happy– push all these excuses off the table. Indeed, toss all the foul-smelling old BS out the window!

YOU CANNOT RISE to your next level (or leap way ahead) with excess cargo.

YOU CANNOT EXPRESS EXCELLENCE because hoarding memories, prejudices, limitations, etc., don’t allow room to even recognize the good.

YOU CANNOT BUILD ENERGY MUSCLES FOR FLYING because noticing only the bad and the past constitutes baggage that weighs you down.

None of the excess, hoarding, or baggage are allowed on the higher planes of life. More importantly, you can’t know your direction or follow guidance even if your soul is willing. There’s too much in the way.

As the HealMobile, I want you to possess the best tools and materials with which to prepare and soar within your HealMobile lifestyle: body-mind-spirit-emotions-relationships-community-environment all integrated into ONE.

IF YOU ARE READY to get out of the kitchen and get on your way—by getting OUT of your own way— consider my HealMobile “distinction” as your magnetic north.

This distinction means your mindset is like Harriet Tubman’s. The HealMobile provides a unique road map and compass for as a gift to your present, right now, pointing toward your freedom. To this end, I am offering five new approaches.

Personalized Road Map with Compass Directions

(For COVID19 prices and details click here.)

  • NORTH. Spiritual Health assessment — this is a metaphysical map of your world using at least three ethnocultural wisdom methods.
  • SOUTH. Energy training — learn to identify your natural-born gifts and use them wisely.
  • EAST. Naming and Proclaiming — owning your sight, vision, perspective, being-ness.
  • WEST. Scribing your Life — reading and writing for the horizon  
  • CENTER. Engagement— how to choose the vertical or horizontal for your contribution; seminars and presentations for group work.

Powerfully choose a direction and HEAL to stay MOBILE. The Happy Medium of the song is the harmonized, balanced chassis on which the HealMobile rests.

A tune-up of the moving-heavenly-body you are may include PURE OILS & ATTARS AROMATHERAPY, ACUPRESSURE POINTS for EFT-TAPPING, REIKI and ENERGY TRAINING, and the LIFE WISDOM you need to optimize your body, image, flow, spiritual stamp and connection, and meta-mastery over the crossroads dilemma you are facing.

SELF-ASSESS to QUALIFY: Is something telling you to shift from your current direction? Is your insight, foresight, and 20-20 hindsight pointing to a new direction? Is it possible an elder’s guidance is needed for spiritual direction and training, to help you prepare for your journey? 

If Yes, to any or all of these questions, take time out for a consultation with me. We can identify your next step and direction together.