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pic of lemon oil.

According to Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide, citrus oils like lemon contain d-limonene, which studies show cleanses cells and enhances the immune system. Once the bloodstream and organs are oxygenated by the enhancing presence of essential oils, your feeling satisfied after meals may be possible.


Part 3: No Waiting, Act Now, Give Back The Weight!


This is the conclusion of our venture into how to lose weight by not losing it, but giving it back to the universe from which it has come. These final five tips are perhaps the most common methods most people come across when they decide to follow a plan to drop extra pounds.

21.  Exercise, dance and/or clean the house, closets, car, whatever, regularly–working up a sweat is the point, at least two to four times a week.

22.  Sorry, no more soda, so gradually eliminate daily fizzy drinks from your food list. Ginger ale is allowed infrequently.

23.  Study the vast variety of herb teas available and drink hot and iced teas, tisanes, limeade, lemonade and/or cuke-ade  instead of carbonated sodas and 10%-type juice drinks.

24.  Avoid the top chemical food additives/products: monosodium glutamate, high fructose corn syrup, bleached white sugar, aspartame, Equal and other chemicalized sugar substitutes, season salt, and if you can, genetically modified (GMO) fish and vegetables.

25.  Make sure that your body-mind transformation includes simple and healthy habits. Use multivitamins, superfoods, certified organic or sustainable foods and essential oils as part of your Stay Healthy Arsenal.

HERES THE GOOD NEWS: Follow even 10 of these 25 ways to give the universe back the excess weight, and the pounds may disappear quickly into the ether.

Some of these tips could be workshops or included in an E-book that elaborates on the techniques. What do you think?