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Welcome to Our New Home

Dear Beloveds,

In the spirit of UMOJA I greet you with HABARI GANI / UMOJA! In the Name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Peace be with each of you as you seek and declare Unity in this Kwanzaa and holiday season.

As you may know, I am a stand for the Nine Principles for Loving Living, on which The HealMobile is based, and in my view the majority of the world is striving for Love as each people journey forward.

It is very easy to follow the lead of the media-yurugu (entity bent on destruction) that preoccupies our mental space with its constant bombardment of negative, disempowering, and debilitating messages.

It is no accident that “good news” from the media is what it chooses to advertise. Heaps of money is paid to get “positive” messages out to ensure you keep spending, unwisely and impulsively, for things you do not need most of the time. Unity in this sense is a thriving Wall Street-driven economy–by any means necessary. Notice how the cable and YouTube views of crime and violence are “littered” with buy this/buy that ads, as if these items will solve the problems depicted in the videos!

What is Unity to us? This is what I am focused on today, to ponder and really go deep with it. The fourth principle for loving living is Unify—a call to action embedded in the opening prayer of The Recital (Qur’an). We do not have Unity unless we Unify.

I know you have been thinking about Unity. If you are reading this you are doing fantastic work and as I see it, you have declared your path as in unison with the humane goal of liberation for all struggling and oppressed people, through Interfaith, Urban Green and Organic Health Initiatives, Black Lives Matter and other efforts declaring our lives a gift we dare to acknowledge and protect, boldly and confidently.

(DOWN WITH GMOs! Always remember SANDRA BLAND!)

Please continue to investigate and bring to light the Unity efforts within your grasp that you may have forgotten about or may be ignoring due to other priorities. Unify with gems and lessons of the past and apply them to the great work of presencing peace via UNITY with like-minded others. Despite contrary evidence, the majority of us desire UNITY for today’s world.

Whether you are a teacher, organizer, energy-body worker, artist, engineer, public servant, scholar, medical or health practitioner, entrepreneur, minister, parent/guardian or laborer—or several of these at once—I am praying for and sending my intentions for the BEST OF THE FIRST FRUITS, UMOJA, to you and yours… THAT THE PEOPLE MAY LIVE, as the Lakota Sioux say.

Knowing GOD hears me, and praying you do too, I remain,

Very truly yours,

Rev. Niamo Nancy


You may not agree with everything above. Accept my apology if I have offended you. I want to support all spaces of Unity in thought, email, writing, word, deed, act, volition, agape, energy, salaam—and from every sector or group in which Unity appears.


This site is still being built yet I couldn’t let this day go by without communicating my Kwanzaa greetings. “Not communicating” is not for me in 2016.