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Aroma Freedom — A Technique for Hapi-ness

I’m excited about offering a new technique for clearing body-mind spirit blocks and accessing your inner Hapi River (aka the Nile), better known as contentment or happiness.

pic of cover of book

Cover of book

The technique allows participants to have their life essence flow by virtue of simply SMELLING ESSENTIAL OILS.

The beauty of it, and main prerequisite, is you need the regular Premium Kit from Young Living Essential Oils, which contains 11 essential oils plus a diffuser and educational materials.

If you already have pure frankincense, lavender and something similar to the YL blend Stress Away, you can still use the technique to address blockages.

In the Relationships class this past week, I used this technique and had immediate relief of shoulder and neck pain from exercising and house painting–or so I thought.

The emotional issue I was dealing with was directly related to the pain, and it was 90% gone when I completed the exercise.

Not only that, but my realization of the issue that was blocking me was so profound I am still looking at how I could have missed it before, and how it obviously has impacted my entire working life and career.

This was my second experience using the technique, led by Dr. Benjamin Perkus author of The Aroma Freedom Technique. The first time was equally astonishing because of what it brought up, and what clearing that block means for my life.

As the co-author of Removing Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Using Essential Oils, you can imagine how huge meeting Dr. Perkus is for me.

To sum up, I am enrolled in the certification course. I am also offering free sessions for 20 folks who would like to try the technique. We will meet in person or via Skype or Zoom. Schedule a chat with me soon.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy