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Listening Post — Poem

I am a listening professional I am a listening confessional I’ve heard things i don’t want to hear I’ve heard things I had to hear and when I listened I confessed I took to fête what I heard and I danced it out and now I profess it.   this life is a celebration of […]

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Allergic To Their Money Poem

They were speaking their truth about healing money she got a sore throat. she emptied pockets to openings she did not want to change or heal. they ventured in a foreign language she does not speak. the lingo tasted chunky and sour mouthfuls burned her pocket. banks named peter paul and fargo robbed her deaf dumb and blind! […]

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Chocolate Heals Poem

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it is wondrous to be 6+3=9 and discover chocolate. there was a time i did not eat the stuff. it was too rich for me. now i pine for the attagirl palming in my back like it feels it fills me with each rich bite. yes sublime. when i was indeed 1+8=9 i ate enough chocolate. […]

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Won’t You Celebrate With Me Poem

won’t you celebrate with me what I have shaped into a kind of life? I had no model born in babylon both nonwhite and woman what did I see to be except myself? i made it up here on this bridge between starshine and clay my one hand holding tight my other hand; come celebrate […]

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Call for Racial Healing Poem

Attended “Story Telling To Heal The Soul,” an intimate gathering in Connecticut, where 43 people described their first exposure to race. Most were whites and the host a black family. I dislike the black/white lens as limiting to the scope of my love and communication; however, for messaging sake, I have to communicate to connect (as the host pointed out […]

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Everything is Good for You Poem

Everything is spiritually good for you Whether it hurts / Makes you sad Whether you believe that lesson was learnt And life shows it was not.   How do you step into being a new you A better version of yourself who Makes no mistakes? Sorry sweetheart, that’s not going to happen.   Every experience is […]

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Love, Passion, Healing Poem

A poem honoring the women marching to declare our right to control our bodies, rallying to celebrate their essential oils products, giving back to the community by organizing healers and sponsoring a holistic health fair; I experienced this outpouring of your love, both near and far, and I thank you.   Love passion and healing our lives standing in mist sun rain and Truth […]

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Cleansing the Pain Poem

Let the humanity of my soul cleanse itself of what’s not gold — this is the lifelong exercise. While healing music of spheres surrounds me to soothe the wounds forgive the timing that damned me to dis-ease and pain I pray God relieve me of affliction of refuge in addiction. I take my bath of salt water and humble down. There is no […]

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