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Love, Passion, Healing Poem

A poem honoring the women marching to declare our right to control our bodies, rallying to celebrate their essential oils products, giving back to the community by organizing healers and sponsoring a holistic health fair; I experienced this outpouring of your love, both near and far, and I thank you.


Love passion and healing our lives

standing in mist sun rain and Truth

taking no Not for an answer But for a reason

to stand for what we believe — declaring That


The triumph of our wombs

our manu- matter-of -facture of wellness from the dregs

of humans failing to act as humane

as camels, Orange with pride


This love passion and healing our lives comes First.

we march attend rallies speak up and stand up

we presence the prescience of what’s missing —

The gift


We gift our glory as only we can and always will

we obey honor cherish what our wombs teach:

for this love passion and healing our lives

We Must Loom Large and Be Our Power!


Saturday Sonnets copyright ©2017 by Niamo Nancy Muid