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Chocolate Heals Poem

pic of Africans with cacao pods

Courtesy Chocology.com

it is wondrous to be 6+3=9 and discover chocolate.

there was a time i did not eat the stuff.

it was too rich for me.

now i pine for the attagirl palming in my back like it feels

it fills me with each rich bite. yes sublime.

when i was indeed 1+8=9 i ate enough chocolate.

summer at camp, canteen after seven.

my teeth bore holes.

now i know it was from sugar not from brown in the sweet

and i shunned it, and dental time.

in this present time of 9, am i complete as numbers say?

my cocoa, cacao, chock-full fruit may i now taste?

a weary mode of thought takes flight…just in time.

delicious notes remove the crossword ache.

i’m buried in the well of tongue and bliss

and find the wonder lingers, 9 I ate! …Eat this!

Saturday Sonnets copyright © 2017 by Niamo Nancy Muid

Chocolate was considered a sacred drink, intimately involved with religious practices. Cacao had its own god, Ek Chuah, who carried a fan and wore black paint on his skin. Cacao beans and cups of chocolate were sometimes left as offerings in ancient graves. To the Maya, the cacao pod and the dark, liquid chokoh ha resembled the human heart and its dark blood. As a result, cacao and chocolate appear to have been part of the rituals surrounding human sacrifice. In the illustration above, the cacao tree bears a distinct resemblance to the Maya “Tree of Life”, with its roots in the underworld, its trunk in day-to day-reality, and its canopy forming the heavens. From http://cookjmex.blogspot.com.au/2012_08_01_archive.html