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Listening Post — Poem

I am a listening professional
I am a listening confessional
I’ve heard things i don’t want to hear
I’ve heard things I had to hear
and when I listened I confessed
I took to fête what I heard and I danced it out
and now I profess it.


this life is a celebration of what you are hearing
this life is a festival, a fête jump-up thrown down
of what you are hearing as you are listening
I see you are listening
I know you are hearing me.


listen as you have never listened before
hear what you have never heard before
listen and hear to recall everything you knew before
call it back to hear and listen again
call it back to celebrate
and dance it out as you never have before.


what you are is in your listening
what you are is in your hearing
be that drum beat, that heart beat, that rhythm
and I will listen you and I will hear you.


Saturday Sonnets Copyright (c) 2017 by Niamo Nancy Muid