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Fennel Essential Oil

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Our research into essential oils for women and The Womb led us to pure and uncut fennel essential oil, because this aromatic appears in quite a few blends and products designed to support feminine womb health.

I have always loved the licorice-like scent of the herb, and the bulb and almost grassy leaves make grain dishes and Middle Eastern-type recipes taste wonderfully minty and exotic. I have used it where as I might use peppermint or just plain mint, in kush (bulgur wheat) and similar dishes.

Much like a stalk of celery with a round bottom, fennel is composed of a white or pale green bulb from which closely superimposed stalks are arranged. The stalks are topped with feathery green leaves near which flowers grow and produce fennel seeds. The bulb, stalk, leaves and seeds are all edible.

A website called “healthy focus.org” pulled together this listing of the benefits of fennel essential oil, and we are so thankful! I’ve edited the text for your information and knowledge-building:

pic of roasted fennel

Click pic for roasted fennel recipe



Probably the best known use of fennel essential oil is to treat problems associated with the digestive system. A happy digestive system in full working order is absolutely essential to our overall health and fennel is an extremely effective natural remedy for stomach aches and pains, indigestion and bloating.

…It is a natural anti-spasmodic and people have long chewed on fennel seeds to ease cramps and hunger pangs.

Rubbing a few drops on your stomach can help relieve pain and cramping. Some people ingest the oil by adding a drop of two of fennel oil to a glass of warm water but there is not sufficient evidence that ingestion is totally safe.

It is certainly not safe if you are unsure of the quality of the essential oil you’re using.


Studies show that fennel essential oil is a very effective anti-fungal with the ability to treat a variety of fungal and yeast infections. It can help combat infections of the nails, skin and the hair as well as common yeast infections like candida albicans.

Recent research published in 2015 found that fennel essential oil was very effective against dermatophytes indicating that fennel essential oil had excellent anti-fungal potential to treat common skin, nail and hair fungus. (1)

  • To treat nail or hair fungus, you can dilute your fennel oil with a suitable carrier oil and rub it gently into the affected areas.
  • Alternatively, you can add a few drops of fennel essential oil to your regular shampoo or hand creams and add it to your daily routine.


You might not be so familiar with the anxiolytic abilities of fennel oil, especially when compared to far better known anti-anxiety oils like lavender or frankincense.

However, many people have used fennel oil to deal with stress and anxiety to great effect and recent research published in 2014 provides us with some justification. When mice were treated with either fennel essential oil or a common prescription drug, diazepam, researchers found that… fennel oil was more effective on anxiety measurement tests than diazepam. (2)

If you want a natural treatment for your anxiety, then try diffusing it around the home or the office or add a few drops to your pillow before going to bed.


Try diffusing fennel oil at home or at work if you need to inspire focus and concentration. This might work especially well for students that are finding difficulties focusing on their school work or older people like me who find it difficult to get down to the day’s jobs.

There is some evidence that fennel oil really can help you to concentrate and improve your alertness. A Japanese study published in 2002 found that inhaling fennel essential oil stimulated sympathetic nerve system activities and adrenaline levels. (3)


Several studies have demonstrated that fennel essential oil could combat bacteria responsible for gastric flu. (4) Another study showed that fennel oil was effective against bacteria which compromised the immune system like those commonly found in hospices and intensive care units. (5).

Research has also proven that it was effective against E.coli and A. aureus. Although this research was conducted in vitro, it is clear that fennel essential oil has a role to play when it comes to combatting a variety of bacterial strains that modern medicine is finding difficult to deal with.

Because of its antibacterial effects, you can apply fennel oil to minor cuts and wounds to prevent any infection from spreading further.


Fennel essential oil has expectorant qualities that make it one a good natural treatment for the common cold and related respiratory issues. If you are suffering from sinus issues or a build-up of phlegm in your throat then inhaling fennel essential oil directly from the bottle or your hands can help.

  • A more effective alternative is to add a few drops of fennel oil and the same amount of peppermint oil to a hot sink of water and inhaling its therapeutic vapors.


When you think about the essential oils that benefit your skin, you [might not] ever think of fennel. [Yet] fennel oil has the ability to tone and moisturize your skin beautifully as well as being able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and bags around the eyes.

Before applying fennel oil to your skin make sure that you dilute it with a suitable skin friendly carrier oil as applying it neat may cause an adverse reaction.


This is a very easy… give your entire body a treat!

  • Take either half a cup of virgin coconut oil or a quarter cup of coconut and a quarter cup of jojoba oil.
  • Add half a cup of shea butter and heat it slowly until all the ingredients are nicely combined.
  • Allow it to cool slightly and whip it well in a mixer.
  • Now add ten drops of fennel essential oil and 10 drops of lemon essential oil.
  • Whip it all together well again and store in a cool place ready to use.


Another weight loss potion…[fennel may be] an effective metabolic enhancer and also reducing hunger by suppressing the appetite. A German study found that overweight participants who supplemented with fennel seed oil consumed less food with the obvious knock-on-weight benefits.

A Korean study published in 2006 found that simply inhaling fennel essential oil improved food digestion (and also reduced the caloric intake of rats….) Losing weight and keeping it off is a long term goal which requires dietary and lifestyle changes. Still, fennel oil may be a contributory factor which helps you to reach your goal more quickly.


Fennel essential oil has galactaogue properties meaning that it can increase the quantity of breast milk that a feeding mother can provide.


Fennel essential oil contains a chemical compound called anethole which can reduce certain symptoms of menstruation such as pain, cramping and excess bleeding. Animal studies have demonstrated that fennel essential oil had a significant impact on painful cramping known as dysmenorrhea and had the potential to relieve menstrual pain complications in women. (7)

Once again, our thanks to healthyfocus.org.

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This post and other articles will help prepare all of our families for a new level of womanly safety, security, health and well-being.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

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