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5 Biggest Lies About YOU


  1. It is what it is [disease/illness], there’s no cure and nothing I can do.”
  2. “Ain’t nobody got time for…me.
  3. “I can’t see it any other way.”
  4. “I just need two more years and I’m good.”
  5. “I’m not selling anything.

Let’s take them from the top.


It is what it is [disease/illness], there’s no cure and nothing I can do.”

Anyone who tells you there’s no cure for something has not got a clue about how life works. Even if I were NOT a servant of God Alone, I would know diseases change course for the better–go into remission or disappear– without explanation or reason. We have ALL seen this. It happens OFTEN and the science literature is replete with examples. So why do we act as if it cannot happen to us? (It = the miracle thing….)

This nothing-I-can-do lie is very harmful. It is addictive thinking, borrowed from minds that frankly don’t know better, and it influences you to believe your body cannot self-heal and self-correct.

Remember, whatever is going on with this fleshy, physical container for our souls is doing just that, going on. You can influence it, and it may go away or transmute. God is in control of all the techniques, on this website and beyond.


“Ain’t nobody got time for that.” This dismissive meme about what we are NOT going to do for someone always gets a chuckle or knowing smirk.

The real question is, Who’s got time for you? While many of us are out here taking care of family, job, house, vehicle and house of worship, not to mention the greeks, masons, political parties, social clubs and their children, we are taking the weight by putting in time–answering a different question altogether.

The lie is you don’t got time for yourself. To the extent you say NO, you’ve got time enough to take better care.  NO is the reason you will decline invites in the future, and when you say Ain’t nobody got time for that –to yourself and not to diss anyone– it will be because you’re putting YOU first.


“I can’t see it any other way.” This is a huge one that gets many people in big trouble. The glass is half empty and has always been half empty and will always be half empty. Past, present and future converge in this concrete of thought.

The skillful friend or advisor will help you to see the situation differently, because it is imperative that you do.

What if no one is around, or you don’t have an advisor or good friend you can confide in? If your life depends on you shaking a belief that is keeping you in fear, terror, pain, angst and worry, take it upon yourself to drink the glass of water and start over.

You will notice that YOU have to fill it with fresh water, and that you can fill it as high as you like.


“I just need two more years and I’m good.” Most cannot depend on a 25 – 40 year job providing a full salary retirement with full health benefits. Baby Boomers MUST revisit this scenario. Laws are changing fast, and if you’ve already worked two decades, will $200-$300 (more or less) in a social security or pension check really make that much of a difference?

None of us have a guarantee that we’ll even be physically able to live the life we want; the ratio of people who pass within a year or two of retirement is sobering.

Definitely, when you no longer have to work, you will have a lot of time on your hands. Start thinking and planning now, and reconsider if two more years will help or hinder your goals to live a life of freedom, travel and happiness.

If you have two out of three of these, waiting additional years to retire is really additional “volunteer slavery” on the “plantation” years, as people joke about it. They are years of not being your own person.

“I just need two more years and I’m good.” How about I’m good right now?


“I’m not selling anything.” Maybe it’s unfair for an entrepreneur to include this lie on the list. What I’ve noticed, however, is that people in or from other countries are much more business, trade or entrepreneurial minded than most Americans. (Um, er, that’s what immigrants do….)

In urban Africa, for example, market women are an economic force, and young people are always trying to get money by giving you something in return.  Although there is the iconic childhood lemonade stand, it is treated as an anomaly rather than a business leaning most children have that could be cultivated. Selling Girl Scout cookies is another way this shows up.

The point is, people don’t grow up with the idea of getting money for who they are. They grow up with the idea of getting a job first, then a house, car, and marriage with two children (and a dog). The so-called American Dream is popularly seen as a nightmare today, since few jobs can fund the vision.

People in other countries grow up knowing the way to fund their vision is to be independent and self-supporting. They also start very young.

Since network marketing (NM) is taking the entire world by storm and is an easy way for people to own their own businesses (and to trade and be entrepreneurial), it is odd to hear people refuse to look at NM opportunities because, “I’m not selling anything.”

Never mind that you sold yourself to get that job, relationship or social club membership. Never mind that every time you select and wear special clothing to make a statement about who you are in the world, you are selling yourself and what you’re made of and capable of.

Never mind that you sell yourself daily by trading time for money and consuming the heck out of Target, Walmart and Best Buy, not to mention supermarkets. And getting nothing in return (unlike NM).

The next time you hear someone say I’m not selling anything, think about this: Most of us are commodities or pawns on a chess board, and many of us are still thought of as three-fifths of a person, to be bought and sold. 

The lie cannot stand up to the truth. If there is something you can do with your hands, voice, brain or generous nature, and you find someone who is willing to exchange money in return for what you “do,” you are selling.

You may be skilled at selling what other people do with their hands, brain or voice, by introducing them to promoters. Don’t be shy about your selling quality or ability.

Be proud you can help exchange goods and services and be aware that you always do.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid