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10 Gear Ups for Energy

I thought I’d share a few things I do that give me ongoing energy, allowing me to sustain my high drive for excellence (spirituality), health, beauty, and purpose. Doing these things are essential for me to maintain above the line health.new-niamo-portrait


  1. Read Qur’an and Bible. Also read “From God’s Word to a Woman’s Heart: A Devotional” by Janice Hanna, given by a friend. (Readings are usually after dawn connection/prayers.)
  2. Meditate and/or give myself REIKI, with essential oils as prep
  3. Drink a warm, cleansing drink to rid my body of impurities pooled within while I slept — lemon water, apple cider vinegar water, or leftover tea with lemon added
  4. Take a walk around my neighborhood — a moving meditation to listen as the world and nature declare, “Be Still and Know That I AM”

1x to 3x WEEKLY

  1. Perform the Het Heru Dance to my James Brown and Marvin Gaye playlist
  2. Visit the gym, do my lifts and circuit, and then sit in the sauna and steam room while zikr-ing (remembering God’s names; a form of meditation)
  3. Listen to audios I’ve identified and created to remind myself of my goals and purpose
  4. Check in with Besties, female and male
  5. Confirm visions with the vision alignment project (intenders.org)
  6. Check in with grandchildren, children and extended family

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

Please share how you stay grounded and elevated.