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Reiki and The Chakras

We are organizing our next REIKI class to be held October 22, 23, 2016. Visit and scroll down on this page to register.

This spiritual healing practice involves engagement of the wheels of energy or vortexes circling within and about you, known as chakras.

pic of chakrs and body organs

Graphic courtesy ingoodhands.us



These spirals of light and motion are invisible to the naked eye (of course there are exceptions), much like the aura.

How REIKI and other energy medicine techniques work is explained on my video on this site, part 1  and the one that’s on YouTube, part 2.

Your friend Google has lots of fascinating research for you, such as this site from which I borrowed the graphic image. It should be easier to read on its original page.

Seven of the major chakras are linked to our body organs. The more powerfully they spin, the more powerful yet subtle stimuli is released to the body’s metabolism.  Here are the connections:

1st    ROOT  ovaries/testes; legs, feet, bones, large intestines

2nd   SACRAL/GENERAL  spleen/adrenals; womb, genitals, kidney, bladder

3rd    SOLAR PLEXUS  liver/pancreas; digestive system, gall bladder

4th    HEART  thymus/heart; lungs, circulation, arms, hands

5th    THROAT  thyroid gland; throat, ears, mouth, neck and shoulders

6th    BROW/3RD EYE   pituitary gland, the brain; eyes, brows, base of skull

7th    CROWN   pineal gland, central nervous system, cerebral cortex

Here is a breathing exercise to stimulate the chakras and rejuvenate the inner organs:

* Beginning at the 3rd eye, start breathing slowly into the chakra.
* Release the breath slowly and through the mouth, but visualize the breath being released into the throat charka.
* Breathe while visualizing the breath going into the throat chakra, then release the breath into the the next lower chakra, the heart.
* Continue all the way down through each vortex, then go UP the spine (your back), doing the same thing. Work up to seven rounds.

This is one of many exercises that will be taught in the REIKI class on Oct. 22, 23.


Many of you have asked about which oils should be used for which chakras. The “should” is the problem! You may use what you have with your own healing hands and healing intention.

Here’s a starting list of oils AND spices, and I’m limiting each to just the top four that I can attest to based on my own experience.

Be assured there are many more and you may chat with me to get more information and/or respond on Facebook.com/healmobile

  1. Root:  frankincense, clove, myrrh, sandalwood
  2. Sacral/General:  ylang ylang, cinnamon, patchouli, orange
  3. Solar Plexus:  bergamot, oregano, ginger, fennel
  4. Heart:  rose, eucalyptus, peppermint, marjoram
  5. Throat: chamomile, cypress, basil, spruce
  6. Brow: cedarwood, rosemary, vetiver, myrtle
  7. Crown: lavender, juniper, spikenard, sage


–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid