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Wake Up The Life Force


There are Hidden Figures like Christine Darden, Melba Roy and Katherine Johnson and exposed figures like Donald Trump.

What do they have in common? Having just seen the film Hidden Figures, I am struck by the persevering energy and self-care consciousness the black women displayed. I also note the persevering energy and self-care consciousness of Donald Trump.

Preservation is the common denominator for hidden and exposed figures


While watching the movie took my mind off the media-generated environment for two hours, once it was over I realized that both hidden and exposed figures shifted my attention away from taking care of me!

MANY PEOPLE THOUGHT Barack Obama took care of us with the Affordable Care Act. Despite its success in improving access to health coverage for all, that Act is faced with the promise of being uprooted.

Even though it was originally drafted by and supported by many Republicans, being renamed Obamacare signaled its death knell as Obama’s eight years drew to a close.

You and me are now forced to care for ourselves.

Recall the saying — “You’ll have to fend for yourself.” This means no one has your back or will support you in a time of need. In 2017, this is such a time. What do you do? What can you do?

WE can persevere. The persevering energy is not lost or missing. I still have it and so do you. As a REIKI “therapist,” I translate persevering energy as universal healing energy. This is the meaning of REIKI. The women in Hidden Figures stayed guided and empowered by this energy, this life force that did not deny or disrespect them.

I invite you to wake up to your own Life Force, the spiritual and universal energy that has always supported you. 

As the movie proved, no human being in a position of power can help you remove your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional pain or trials.* 

However, working with me or a team member can help, if you are open to persevering as the ultimate you committed to your life’s journey. You have to know the impossible is Possible, in your mind’s eye.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

*Yes, Harrison removed the Colored Only bathroom sign. He was used by the life force to do it, prompted by the blazing truth shared in that stunning scene … well, you have to see the film. I don’t want to ruin it for you.