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11 Ways to Unlearn WORRY

1.Learn what worry really is to YOU. Is it:

  • HOW something will get done
  • HOW something will turn out
  • HOW someone will react
  • HOW to remember that important thing

(… in other words… any persistent HOW issue signals worry, especially if you cannot initiate or control The How.)  Or, is it:

  • overeating or over-indulging
  • insomnia
  • compensating behavior….
  • [add your under-radar poison]

2. Note well and expand how YOU relax. Or would like to. Don’t get worked up about (worried) HOW to do that. Just note what relaxes you and do more of it.

3. Dissociate from work-for-hire that stresses you— it may take time but TAKE THE TIME to align work life, personal gifts/talents and Spirit.

4. Dissociate from habits that stress you. This requires that you notice them first; the ones only you know about. Check, reject, replace; check, reject, replace.

5. Dissociate from relationships that stress you, not only intimate partners–that’s a no-brainer.

  • We’re talking friends of intimate friends –like, why keep them?
  • Gym memberships that jumped $$ a month –that good deal is gone.
  • Pets, paintings or ATTACHMENTS, you get the drift….Give to GoodWill, Salvation Army, etc.

6. Increase play activities. Scrabble, dancing Latin, bowling, other sports, sensual and sexual healing! Certain movies can inspire new worries. Ever notice that?

7. Increase simple pleasures like enjoyment of nature; whatever that looks like to you.

8. Love that part of your body that concerns (worries) you.

9. Forgive yourself for your concerns/worries. My friend’s handle is: iForgiveForMe … isn’t that great?

10. Send gratitude to people, places, things, situations and bless them for “growing” your spirit-mind-body-emotional health.

11. Embrace feeling vulnerable. You don’t have to know HOW or WHY, or even WHEN –when it comes to “small stuff.” As the saying goes, “It’s all small stuff.”

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

Communicating with me as a dispassionate listener is one way to relieve your worries and at the same time explore what’s going on in your life.

I love using Aroma Freedom Technique, which means I use oils on myself to increase listening you and (your) life, and you use the recommended oils or your favorite scents to share or become present to something you’d like to see happen, but are just not sure or aware of how it can happen. Then we work together, discussing your dream and goal from there.  See my recent newsletter and/or click this page for a discount.