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8 Reasons Why Everyone Needs EOs

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Everyone Needs EOs : The following list, 8 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Essential Oils, is from a talk I gave at Jahment Holistic School. Consider attending to earn your holistic health consultant certification from the only such school approved in New York State.


The Ancients knew much more than we do about nature and an ancient distillery was recently discovered by oils research D. Gary Young.  Papryii and scriptures like the Bible tell us how commonplace oil usage was. The medicine of yesteryear was strongly rooted in smell, and using our noses to help determine taste and function. Certain scents were only used for certain kinds of people, such as medicine men/women and royalty.

Traditional uses have been past down through time, while modern medicine is less than 150 years old. Our scientists are continually researching the oil properties that ancients took for granted. Pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and prescription drugs are based on studies of the chemical compounds in plant oils.

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Modernity and technology requires a return to potent forms of energy found in nature. Oils are nature’s living energy returned to the human being after a too-long absence.

What is now available is relief from the dependence on technology, and the inordinate exposure to toxins that is typical of modern life. Most of us are out of balance relative to the electrical and magnetic frequencies pounding our bodies, minds and spirits.

We must regain some semblance of a balanced lifestyle that allows us to be stronger physically while we remain consumed with technology. Oils are part of fulfilling this necessity.


EOs do for plants what blood does for the human being, and much more. Your self-care may already include eating balanced meals, juicing and drinking power smoothies, working out regularly, working smart and avoiding excess stress, Epsom salt baths, meditation and/or prayer, and other ways that keep your health above-the-line.

Adding essential oils to cooking, your personal care regimen, cleaning your house without chemicals, and managing your energy is simply the best next step to upping your self-care agenda.  Use vitamins and supplements with EOs included; it has been found this increases the body’s nutrient uptake by over 80%.


Excess exposure to chemicals lowers the body’s immune response and resistance. Antibiotics knock a one-two punch to invaders but are no match for viruses and microbes that have adapted. Plus they knock out the good microbes our bodies need as well.

Oils are a match for invaders, even if they are not used like antibiotics. Every harvest and batch of essential oils is different and packs its own punch. Many oils possess antibacterial and antiviral properties, and my personal experience, friends and family anecdotal experiences, and double blind studies show they can easily be rotated to fight microbial invaders to good effect.


There is no question of a healthcare crisis in the U.S. Insurance is too high, and medical cost are generally unaffordable for the majority.

This in itself is a reason to use essential oils to stay healthy and avoid the emergency room. Pure and undiluted oils may seem expensive, but their cost is cheap compared to the costs of hospital care.


EOs work on three levels — pharmacological, physiological and psychological. They contain up to hundreds of chemical compounds that have very specific properties and influence (pharma). Some have parenting qualities, other have vigilante sibling properties.  There are terpenes, alcohols, ketones, esters, and many more constituents that inform an oil’s action.

Astonishingly, not every constituent of all oils have been identified. Lavender, arguably the most popular oil, contains unidentified chemical compounds that  are causing actions scientists cannot attribute to identified constituents.

There is no simple answer to what causes EOs to effect change in the body (physiology). It is known that an active ingredient works (for therapy, for example) within in a range of percentage. Not every harvest will yield, say, 35% of menthol in a batch of wintergreen, all the time.  This definitely serves the human being in our precautionary therapeutic efforts.

Researchers are continuously unveiling potent oil impacts on the mind and emotions (psychological). Because they are fat soluble, pure oils pass through the blood-brain barrier and can affect emotions, memory, mental processes and brain function in ways that confound and impress researchers.


You already know many oils from common foods, spices and aromas. If you know how to apply perfume, deodorant and lotion, you know how to apply EOs. If you do foot baths to detox or use shampoo and hair dressings that contain aromatics, you are already using techniques you’ll use with EOs.

There is an increasing availability of pure, uncut oils from good companies whose intention is distilling oils is to help people feel and do better, so there’s really no excuse. You just want to make the decision to start a new habit!


EO usage is part of a revOILution in green living. Companies that produce pure EOs support sustainable organic farming, organic growing, fair trade practices, reforestation and more.

You can now address minor body and mind discomfort in the comfort of your home; before these discomforts turn into illness and disease. There’s no waste. If you spill an oil, it smells good and purifies the air. It may disintegrate your plastics–but that’s a good thing.

Ongoing use of pure oils will help you to relax, rest, digest properly and optimize benefits of good food and exercise.

NEED ESSENTIAL OILS in your life? The HealMobile recommends them to support a complete lifestyle change. I use them in aromatherapy and energy bodywork methods.  Investigate pure oils and blends I recommend here (My top five: frankincense, ylang ylang, rosemary, cinnamon bark, orange.)

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

Claim Note:

The HealMobile offers educational and inspirational services and information. We want the best care for you, but cannot diagnose, cure or treat any disease, mental illness, or chronic medical condition. Many statements and health claims on this site are still under Food and Drug Administration (or other agency) review. As such, they are awaiting approval.

So, for long-standing physical or emotional problems, see your medical doctor or licensed health professional. Share your interest in the holistic approach with him or her. Ask for help in creating a plan for the complete healing of the symptoms and causes that concern you.