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10 Life Laws from a Cancer Survivor

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Quite a few cancer survivors have thrived way beyond their doctor’s expectations, and most used life hacks or life laws like those suggested by Lorraine Day, M.D. What’s different is Dr. Day is also a cancer survivor with an insider’s view of the medical approach. So I listen closely when she explains why she chose to pursue the holistic approach:

“There are natural laws such as the Law of Gravity. And if you resist the Law of Gravity, [it is] still working whether you like it or not. If you jump off a high  building, you’re going to go down; I don’t care whether you don’t want/don’t like it or not. If you resist these 10 natural health laws, you’re going to get sick. If you live within them, you will be well.”

Her “Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore” video, as well as free YouTube interviews available online, expand on her  refreshing, holistic perspective.

Dr. Day’s recommendations, if followed, should help to raise the qualify of life of cancer survivors and those who care about them. This means all of us can make these lifestyle choices if we truly want above-the-line health.

Cancer Survivor Life-Hacks / Life Laws

  1. proper nutrition
  2. exercise
  3. water
  4. sunlight (it actually prevents cancer she says)
  5. temperance (abstinence in whatever area you’re overdoing it)
  6. air (being outdoors and opening the house windows)
  7. proper rest at the proper time of night (healing occurs 10pm to 2am)
  8. trust in God (she was NOT a believer until she experienced that prayer worked)
  9. attitude of gratitude
  10. benevolence (get outside yourself and help other people)

The Cancer Tutor website does a great job of analyzing Dr. Day’s “Garden of Eden” diet list, aka the “Ten Commandments” for healthy living. Most of these hacks or laws are free. The only thing we have to pay for is food, and of course growing your own is an option.

I have watched the Truth About Cancer Series and other programs addressing the pandemic that is cancer today. It is good to see a woman doctor who has totally recovered from her illness, had near death experiences, and is in her 70s looking like maybe 45 impart her wisdom gained by trying many ways to conquer cancer.

The bottom line is, you can shut it down and turn it back! The HealMobile advises taking it slow and looking closely at one’s habits and how the body is communicating. You’ll know what to increase or stop doing if you take it step by step. If I can be of help, reach out for your free 20-minute consultation.

Last year I wrote about supplements for this condition. I touched on the effects of chemotherapy in this post.

People need to stop seeing cancer as a death sentence on what could be their bright and fulfilling future life. It may  merely be a dimmer switch for a moment; depends on how you look at it…

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

Photo courtesy Ebony magazine.

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