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Money Energy for Transformation of Families and Communities

Drawing capturing the ma’afa by Tom Feelngs

Money energy is what reparations for African descendants are all about. Reparations mean a transformation of families and communities in such a way that the injuries endured over time are finally healed.

The conversation about individual healing practices and healing attitudes is circulating in many communities right now. Yet few people speak of the money-healing of one’s consciousness, because most people think cash will solve all their problems.

I assert, however, that money healing is the next step beyond holistic healing of the self — the mind-body-spirit and emotions. None of us is free unless all of us are free, as the saying goes.

As the International Black Summit says, we are truly whole and complete. We do have within us everything we need — it’s just VERY hard for most of us to access and therefore manifest money.

Suggestions for Redirecting Money Energy

You’ve heard it all before. Meditate. Pray. Go on a retreat. Do a vision quest or vision board. Mastermind. Think tank. Climb Mt. Everest or Mt. Kilimanjaro. Dream big. Go on a speech fast. Recreate yourself. Change your name. Get religion…the list goes on and on.

INNERstanding money as an exchange and flow of energy is integral to our wellness and our wholeness. So why not transmute your family and community — how you think and talk about them — by redirecting money energy?

Just a word — your judgments of family and community is a blessing or a curse. Know that…

Anyway, take a listen to your life and what it’s tell you, and Notice.* There is not a flaw in the sky or the land. The birds do what they do. We get up every morning and seek our bounty. Or do we? Here are suggestions that will begin to redirect your money-energy attitude:

  1. Be courageous enough to know your history. Read more and travel to confirm other’s conclusions.

2. Locate in your body and feel how it must have felt to be enslaved.

3. Identify similarities between how your slave ancestors may have felt and how you feel now.

Transmuting Attitudes into Healing Consciousness

4. Come to terms with feeling used as a commodity, just as your forebears were.

5. Come to terms with your anger and rage- – really process it.

6. Offer peace to yourself as the first step in proclaiming yourself free and independent.

At some point, you have to accept/know/love — any one of these — that an attitude adjustment is a choice to change your mind. You realize thoughts truly become things and everything comes “out of the blue” as I describe in Nine Principles for Loving Living.

The work of changing your attitude leads to a change in your condition, but you must change what is in your heart first. Your heart center is the real ruler of the actions and persona that informs your feelings and thought patterns. It is the ground of your nonconscious being, aka subconscious.

Unfortunately, there is no one formula for transmuting attitudes. Each soul must become acquainted with its host, the human carrier that has to interact with the world. This post is a reminder to heed your first mind and pay close attention to your feelings.

Money energy images of will smith, infinity/heart symbol, and tom feelings drawing.

Simple Things Are Hard To Do

You will find you won’t be able to allow prosperity into your life without doing work on your ego. Usually this means cutting back on your physical and social desires.

At the same time, your goals have to step up into an expansive range. This means being content with the gifts you have and not ignoring them such that you feel thwarted instead of motivated. Your life is not about others and comparison with them. It is about YOU.

WE can’t help each other unless you do YOU first. You may find it’s not easy to let yourself know the real you. At the same time, some revelations may be quite welcome.

I had ignored my truth. And I hadn’t gotten over two long-term marriages ending as they did. No details needed here; suffice it to say I have until recently been holding on to old aspects of myself, instead of absorbing the lessons.

In the past six months, I have learned that I’ve got to express my twoness. That is, I’ve got to be a couple. Be with someone. Engaged and connected as part of my envisioned infinity symbol of togetherness.

Money-Energy and Me

Fact is, I function best when I have someone close giving me feedback about the world, our lives and my choices (random order!). Intellect and seeker that I am, I had been looking for a relationship AND for the relationship in my life between money and my man. These two aspects needed healing.

What I got and am still getting — because this is a journey — is that the flow of money comes and goes. It is not connected to a man, but guess what? I have a new partner who is in the distribution business. His work is about the flow of money. How fitting.

Money energy has kicked in and it’s welcome. I truly believe the healing of my past, all the way back to the ancestors who made it across the Middle Passage and endured the ma’afa, has brought me to this point.

To transform our communities we have to start with couples, then whole families, then neighbors and the larger community. We heal ourselves around money and dispel prosperity “individualism” by making money energy a working conception that flows in our lives.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy