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Men&Money Thoughts

pic of Mt. Rushmore

Men&Money, as depicted on aptly named Mt. Rushmore (Keystone, S. Dakota) on aptly occurring (Dead) President’s Day — today! (Stunning photograph from Bing.com. Tiny creatures at bottom are tourists.)

Have you ever visited Mt. Rushmore? I have not. Talk about a monolith carved in stone.  But isn’t the saying, “Well, that’s not carved in stone…”?  This is what a former friend said about a way of being, a behavior, that he could change if he chose. Our friendship crumbled when he proved his behavior was indeed carved in stone. And I was no good at sculpting and it really wasn’t my place…or was it?

Where, as a woman, do you most need to heal? In what part of your body? What area of your brain? What aspect of your spirit?

As I lived this question over the last week or so, while both accepting and giving healing sessions,* the words Men&Money kept popping up.  Men&Money are just the same to you, my mind said. Then my heart and spirit said it too.

Watching all ten parts of the Internet series Underground reinforced the connection between Men&Money and how I was feeling about it.

Last Monday, I wrote a blogpost on M&M’s and included Male & Men. I was beginning to think about it, but the twin ideas, Men&Money, hadn’t yet surfaced to my conscious awareness.

It is brilliant how our minds give us one piece of information at a time, to prepare us for a big chunk of knowledge or wisdom we would not have been able to accept at the start.

The HealMobile is a concept of enjoying a healing ride through life. We enjoy it most when journeying with others. Parents, children, related souls and lovers adorn us on our ride. Adornment on the journey is holistic and healing. In our relationships with others, especially intimate partners, we discover the breath of our individual healing. The exhale.

So, I found myself viewing the following videos or programs, and they all contributed to my healing around Men&Money. Enjoy.

Music for healing feminine energy (3 hours; just an hour allowed me to relax to a wonderfully deep level.)

An African Bead Tradition Heals Male-Female Relationships (website; what to do with your old broken necklaces)

How Enslavement of Africans and Mulattos Affects Loving (10 shows)

Oprah and Iyanla Vazant expose the pain of Daddyless Daughters (also the fatherless sons videos)

Eastern European’s take on M/F and the chakras (wheels of energy, sacral chakra viewpoint)

I am still in discovery about Men&Money, and how my perceptions challenge or enhance my health. A song says, I am a rock; I am an island.

Aretha’s Rock Steady is more like it.  When I think of it, Men&Money concerns disappear.

Rock steady, baby
That’s what I feel now
Just call the song exactly what it is
Just move your hips with a feeling from side to side
Sit yourself down in your car and take a ride
While you’re moving, rock steady
Rock steady, baby
Let’s call this song exactly what it is…. 

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

*Reiki, Aroma Freedom Technique, Foot Bath, Reflexology, Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)