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35 Crystals By Request

A reader wondered about the lack of any information about crystals on this site. The previous website had posts about crystals, but they are several “computer crashes ago” and buried on an old disc.

The following is therefore based on crystals I use which have practical importance and sentimental value.


Selenite rod. This stone is said to reduce electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that are chaotic and disturbing to your system, and can break down your own harmonious frequency the longer you work on your laptop or computer.

Other stones that you may place on or near your laptop are iron-containing stones, according to Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy.

The chief feature of all precious gemstones (usually hand- or machine cut) and crystals is their high vibrational frequency rate. This is how they deliver their healing effects.


Over years I collected stones that might beautify the surface of a potted plant. Then I realized they are excellent for invigorating the body’s seven major chakras.

To do this, I simply place the stone on or near its related chakra. I lay on my back to give myself Reiki or to retire for a good night’s rest.  I have not evolved to using crystals on others during Reiki. Maybe in the future, because crystals and stones are powerful. (I use essential oils to raise vibrational frequency.) 

Natural crystals made from the earth are indeed alive. They aid our body-mind-spirit in healing itself. We are therefore more healthy and models of above-the-line health.

You will know a stone is not lab-made by the touch. If it’s warm, it’s plastic. Crystals are generally cool to the touch.

Do research on the stone that resonates with you and your issue. If you happen to have a few crystals already, but haven’t “used” them, do research at a bookstore or library or go online. Take note of their classification and suggested applications. There is a reason YOU have them.


You’ll note some stones appear more than once. There is a lot of overlap with stones, as there is with essential oils and their uses. Every BODY is different.

Stones in boldface are ones I use particularly for the related chakra.

CROWN: Quartz, Amethyst, Celestite, Jade, Diamond, Gold Calcite

THIRD EYE: Amethyst, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Azurite

THROAT: Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Celestite, Blue-Laced Agate

HEART: Emerald, Jade, Aventurine Quartz, Rose Quartz, Sugilte

SOLAR: Citrine, Rhodochrosite, Aventurine Quartz, Malachite, Iron Pyrite (fool’s gold)

SACRAL: Citrine, Carnelian, Rutilated Quartz, Golden topaz

ROOT: Agate, Bloodstone, Tiger’s Eye, Hematite, Carnelian, Obsidian

Naturally, the effects of each stone are to tone and enhance the operations of said chakra.

The result is, I get profound sleep and dreams when I use stones before bedtime.

When awake I wear a few different crystal necklaces. I also enjoy carrying a round clear quartz stone from time to time, because it feels good to finger it in my pocket.  It is reassuring and cooling and reminds me of from whence I came, and to the place I’m going back — give thanks!

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

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