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Be and Don’t Be Haiti

pix of brother working at computer station

Is he disabled, enabling himself, or Haqq-ing reality?

Are you the Haiti of your life?

Did you declare your liberation from the oppressive forces disabling your freedom? Are you being forced to pay a foreign invader for the income IT LOST by no longer enslaving you?

Are you the victim of MANMADE EARTHQUAKES or manmade –meaning agent provocateur—  upheaval, murder and mayhem in your community?

Is your health care hijacked BEFORE you have a health challenge, and you have no recourse but to interact with a dis-ease care system?

I ask these questions because I just  watched “The Truth About Haiti” and it reminded me about “The Truth About Cancer” and other documentaries that to the majority sound like conspiracy theories.

Grab hold of the ONLY rope that will protect you from the evils of those who keep you beholden to them, like the Wizard of Oz — a seeming powerful but truly powerless yet worshipped idol of a fabricated past and mindset.

I don’t want you to be a Haiti whose declaration of independent power is persistently usurped,   assaulted, lynched and beaten back into false submission.

I want you to be a Haiti that demands and earns respect and has the Ultimate Force of Good on its spiritual and universal side, because it IS winning despite appearances.

We must begin at the individual level and have it spiral out to the community and national level.

What matters is the lifeline of spiritual supremacy that exists between you and the Creator of heavens and earths. Those of us who scientifically OR religiously OR spiritually have a grasp of this universal connection are the holistic ones appointed to make this connection clear for you.

If you insist there is no relationship between the science and the spirit, this is not for you– you’re not there and no one can force you to appreciate this reality or al-haqq. 

Nothing is coincidence: Hacking is the term for intercepting the false to obtain the real, or disabling what appears powerful to expose weakness.

Al-Haqq — the reality and Truth– is you are given the hearing, eyesight and brain; and you only have one heart, not two– and YOU are responsible for using these faculties to adjust your life to a life of peace and contentment.

If you want help doing this, let me know. Let’s start here with the mindset of the earliest liberators of Haiti!

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid