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3 Ways To Build Energy


Not everyone is a Reiki Master, Black Belt in martial arts, meditator or yogi, and yet, everyone has the ability to build personal energy for glowing health. Here are three attitudes to think about as you embark on healing yourself.


You must understand the master key to energy — spirit. Literally, to build the energy that is available through spirit you must stand under it, not overstand it. To stand under spirit is to let spirit be your shelter. Let it be your blue sky of hope and reassurance. Let spirit be your breath, that is, learn to master the breath and how you breathe. There IS power in the breath.


Handle the distractions of your number one employee — the mind. Those who employ workers know to pay well for the best service, make sure the job suits worker skills, listen to constructive feedback to improve productivity, and constantly engage comments, ideas, and questions from the suggestion box. Such is the mind, an internal enterprise.

Handling the brainy mind with its hard wiring of neurons and networks means controlling its power to create upheaval and other mental occupations, such as good judgment. The good news is, you own the  hard drive. Turn this hard-working mind-drive off and on with the power of thought. Yes, it can be that simple, especially if you begin with the first step.


Use your thoughts, gathered together in the second step, to believe in your body and what it says to you and about you. Learn to hear its pings, cracking, and gurgling as music, and to appreciate its sounds as a favorite band or orchestra instrument. What is this song about? What are the lyrics?

You want your body to be subservient to the mind, which is subservient to the spirit. Usually it is: body-mind-spirit or mind-body-spirit.

However, to start building your energy and keep it high with intention, spirit-mind-body is the best order.


Self-growth following these three steps will be experienced, over time, as heart-warming. Having built your energy to the point of recreating yourself,* you have raised the frequency level and vibrational aptitude of your self-healing energy and power. (Fu Kiau) Congratulations!

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

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