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Follow the Light

The eight Kua, trigrams from the I Ching, surrounding the elemental forces yin and yang

The eight Kua, trigrams from the I Ching, surrounding the elemental forces yin and yang

It is practical to “follow the light” in your life; to emerge from darkness of any kind that makes you stop or feel unknowing.

You will never know everything about moving forward. When you feel “in the dark” you are actually in a perfect place of possibility and potential. There is no light without dark.

This is the true meaning of black and white. A black hole is a pocket of limitless possibilities, while the white light is a generator of profound physicality.

Yin/yang is designed to give us another way to look at so-called opposites and is usually represented in black and white.

It is from the I Ching (Book of Changes) philosophy and is a powerful way to grasp how oneness becomes two and then infinity.

Colors are expressions of infinite energy in their purest form. They remind us of oneness, yet are designed to give us our first appreciation of energetic differentiation and subtlety.

These energetic differentiations and subtleties have been studied by many and are a simple and quite revealing way to guide us to light.

Today I watched as Jacob Adamo discussed four colors–red, blue, yellow and green–and how everyone has one or another color dominating the personality. Like other explanations of human behavior, everyone possesses all the qualities of the colors. This is holism.color-gifts-team

I noticed that green is a combination of blue and yellow and is not a primary color like the others three, as much as a predominating color and symbol for life in nature.

It’s as if the combination of the blue ocean and the yellow sun give us this green earth.

I also thought about whole people I would consider green or blue. Red and yellow also show up culturally as people many would agree, and powerfully as colors on earth.

Properly applied, according to Adamo, colors are amazing reference points and offer a lot to consider in terms of leadership and team-building. You can visit the website and take the personality test to find out your true colors.

The presentation slide below summed up for me why this is an interesting perspective for consideration by Reiki, energy and light workers as well as a social change activists.

The query and concern of each color — What? for Red, Why? for Blue, How? for Green, and Who? for Yellow —  produce what Adamo calls “The 4 Phase Calibration.”

This calibration of the Oneness, as a way to follow the light-of-the-dark, just may help us all to get better.


–Rev.Niamo Nancy Muid