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6 Favorite Oil Blends

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These are the carrier oils you can blend the blends with! Unrefined, raw, cold-pressed is best. Image courtesy readingsbylori.com

I stand by the essential oil blends listed below, and couldn’t do without them. I know reading a list is quite different from using the oils and you may have a lot of questions. Text me at (201) 966-1170 or ask a question in your response below. No Live Support yet!

For more about the value of uncut essential oils, search this site or visit my distribution and research website.

Visit that site as well to purchase any oils —though I really should speak to you first because using pure and undiluted essential oils for other than their great smell requires an investment in learning on your part. If you’re ready to learn, I’m ready to teach ya!

You can also read this post to learn about various approaches to using the oils, while this article explains my love affair with pure oils.

RELAX BLEND (aka Stress Away ™)

This blend expresses the unique combination of lime, vanilla, copaiba and lavender essential oils of high-frequency, therapeutic quality. Helps to reduce mental rigidity and restore equilibrium when taken as a dietary supplement.*

  • Add to water following exercise
  • Incorporate into your evening routine
  • Add 1-2 drop to natural fruit or vegetable juice through the day when life is demanding

BARK BLEND (aka Thieves ™)

This blends owes its pleasant, spicy aroma and flavor to a balanced blend of cinnamon bark, clove, Eucalyptus radiata, rosemary and lemon essential oils. The one-of-a-kind blend can be found in many nutrient-rich supplements. Taken internally, it may boost the maintenance of your healthy respiratory system.bag-veg-capsules

  • Add to food or beverages or take internally to enjoy the benefits of powerful natural compounds including d-limonene, eugenol and eucalyptol.
  • Dilute 1 drop in 4 drops of carrier oil and add to a capsule. Take once daily to maintain a healthy respiratory system.*


  • This essential oil blend of wintergreen, helichrysum, clove and peppermint is great to use following physical activity.
  • Apply topically after a strenuous workout for a refreshing codlin.
  • Apply several drops onto the bottoms of feet for a soothing, relaxing foot massage.


Combining the essential oils of three unique varieties of eucalyptus with other aromatics, R.C. is an aromatic must-have.

  • Diffuse or add R.C. to a bowl of hot, steaming water. Place a towel over your head and inhale the soothing steam.
  • Dilute and apply to chest, neck, and throat areas as needed.

diffuser-diffusingCLEARING BLEND (aka Purification ™)

Neutralize odors and enhance the air in your home with the blend’s crisp, refreshing aroma, which helps purify and cleanse the air from stubborn and lingering odors. This uplifting blend is also an excellent choice for moisturizing dry skin, and contains lemongrass, rosemary, Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree), myrtle, citronella and lavandin.

  • Massage 1-2 drops to moisturize dry skin
  • Combine several drops with water in a spray bottle and spray to eliminate unpleasant smells such as smoke, mildew, and stale food odors.
  • Diffuse to clean the air of foul or stale odors.

capsules-dimeDIGEST-WELL BLEND (aka DiGize ™)

The blend contains several sweetly aromatic oils that are pleasant to both smell and taste. The inclusion of peppermint essential oil may be why it is a great support for normal digestion.* Other ingredients are tarragon, juniper, anise, ginger, fennel, patchouli and lemongrass essential oils. You may also enjoy this post about digestion.

  • Add 1-2 drops to water and drink in the morning or at night to support your digestive system
  • Add 1-2 drops to a vegetarian gel capsule and take internally following a meal.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.