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4 Ways to Avoid Hangover

I’m in Jamaica, the birthplace of Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley and Queen Nanny. My cousin got married and it’s a joyous time.

Too exciting for one family member in particular, who got punch-drunk, passed out, threw up six times over four hours and woke up feeling better despite a few more chucks.

We tried a few of the following and they reduced the expected morning hangover.


  1.  Drink warm water in small sips. The body’s dehydration causes headaches, feeling sluggish, and slowed metabolism leading to bursts of abdominal gas if water is gulped rather than sipped.
  2. Eat bone broth or boullion soup to replace lost potassium, salt and other minerals and to rehydrate the system.
  3. Sip ginger tea and/or eat crystalline ginger to decreases nausea and vomiting.
  4. Use peppermint — drink or rather sip the tea, and sniff and ingest the essential oil (a drop under the tongue). Also, rub a drop of pure oil on your stomach and under your feet, massaging the instep, to support the digestive system.

A 5th way should be added– get adequate rest so the body can repair itself.  Depending on how much food was eaten prior to over-drinking, the hangover episode may include flatulence. There’s more room out than in,  and extra rest will help this too.

So, share  these 4+1 tips with your family and friends. And be gentle when you know you’ve been a bit unkind to yourself by “abusing the spirits,” and breathe deeply.


–Rev Niamo Nancy Muid