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State of the World

Dear One Who Would Be Healthy,

In this post-election environment, Newark, New Jersey, is the site of the State of The Black World Conference. I inquired as to whether  there would be a healing room or some attention paid to people’s mental health condition at the conference, but my email was not answered.
      Because of this election, African Americans and people of color are going through emotions ranging from rage to fear and more. We should expect that group meetings of any kind prepare for the possibility of an eruption of feelings among participants.
     Indeed, the mental health consequences of activism is rarely considered.  November is Mental Health of the Child Awareness Month, and parent mental health is therefore highlighted, unless conditions suggest otherwise.
     Towards addressing what is/may become a growing and disturbing issue, I’m strongly suggesting that family and community leaders consider diffusing pure, medicinal-grade essential oils in their homes and facilities. Our balanced mental good health is at stake.

To be successful in this trying socioeconomic environment, you should be using medicinal-grade essential oils, FDA approved and backed by solid research.

     There are teachers around the country who diffuse oils in their classrooms and report a higher degree of focus among the children. Similarly, daycare centers, hospitals and elder care agencies report great outcomes when essential oils are diffused on their premises.
     I can show you how to diffuse at home or initiate an oils diffusion program for your group environment.
     My services include Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT), which combines essential oils and psychology and is an excellent method for people who want to help themselves through a large block.  (I’ve used AFT with my grandson to great effect.)

PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE the inclusion of aroma and essential oils as technical implements in your Activist Toolkit. 

     If you already familiar with pure oils and how helpful they can be, this research and marketing website gives more background for your consideration.
     We need all the help we can get in our communities. I’m available to discuss this with you. Be in touch by texting me your name and number, or clicking the button on this website. It is urgent that we deal with this before the end of the year and the start of a new presidency.
–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid
(201) 966-1170

P.S. I want to make the gift of AFT available to you. If I cannot be of support to you in working with behavior and social adjustment of your child/children, I can refer you to a Team member or someone outside of our network who can.
The HealMobile Team includes 67 holistic health enthusiasts who are united in their love of pure essential oils — a Traditional Oriental Medicine doctor/acupuncturist, registered nurses, parent educators, two anger management specialists, several massage therapists,  licensed social workers and educators; even a pharmaceutical regulatory expert.
Some Team members’ services are also available online. The About page provides an overview of the holistic commitment we as a team share. See what we’ve been up to on Facebook.com/HealMobile.

I’m available to demonstrate and lead workshops on Aroma Freedom Technique and Tapping (EFT). I’ve given tapping presentations to groups in Harlem, Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Elizabeth, New Jersey. I work  one-on-one with clientele in both EFT and AFT, and hold online weekly and monthly webinars centered around AFT.

This Open Letter to medical professionals shares the HealMobile vision.