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Energy words have saved me.

Being deeply loved gives you strength. Loving deeply gives you courage.  

–Lao Tzu

pic of love plant

Purple shamrock aka Love Plant


  1. present
  2. powerful
  3. disciplined
  4. loving
  5. peaceful

The story behind each of these words could be a book in itself. I recite this I AM mantra for at least two minutes in the four directions when I’m not feeling centered and grounded in my energy.

These words came through ongoing application of the Aroma Freedom Technique over time. AFT allows me to discover those unknown aspects of myself that have me show up as veneer rather than substance. Ever felt you really do not know yourself?


These days I’m training to be PRESENT to the heart-center of people I serve and interact with. I can only do this if I’m present to my own heart-center and what I’m made of at the emotional-physical nexus that is the heart.

Along with allies from all walks of life, co-workers, BFFs and unknown, not-met friends  –such as lively talkers at the supermarket or post office– POWERFUL shows up as a unity of alignment with All That Is. This is a statement about a state that is meant to be and always is, and I find that powerful.

To be DISCIPLINED occurs to me as one of those “hindsight is 20-20” notions. Working as a retired-from-work person in a home business requires regularity, attention, care, and follow-through. Discipline thus reveals itself as a performance judgment. Ever been told, “you’re doing great; look at what you’ve accomplished,” and you look and you’re surprised?

It is nice when beat-up-self energy can be silenced. You just have to find the energy words that quiet the monster.

What can be said about LOVING that hasn’t already been said? I’ve written a 291-page Ebook about Loving Living (I’m happy if you buy it, though this isn’t a plug). Though I react too slowly to be a people person, my relationships with significant others show how I express and want to be loving, and how I want to spill more love into my partnerships.

My Loving is a plant requiring watering. I enjoy pruning, misting, adding acid-rich eggshells, and turning it inward on the sill so the leaves don’t burn from sharp sunlight. And Loving grows….

Now for the final word in the mantra. A few days ago I listed lies we tell ourselves. The inability to be PEACEFUL could be added to that list. Since God is in charge of earthquakes, child terrorists and grownups possessed of screaming ego descending the birth canal, an acronym comes to mind: Pay Extrasensory Attention; Chill Emotions.

Being full of p.e.a.c.e. is something I reach for, and wish for you, too.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

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