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Your 7 Perfect Senses

Last Day of KWANZAA:

Habari Gani? — IMANI — (Faith) Habarigani!

It makes sense — the perfection of you is your perfect senses. They are always working whether consciously controlled or not. You have faith your senses will always work for you. This same faith can apply to any area of your life.

There are at least seven (7) of these picker-uppers counted by holistic health practitioners like those of the HealMobile Team; two more senses than normal.

Eastern education trumps the Western model in its more complete understanding of the unity (umoja)  of the body-mind-emotions-spirit and how they express through senses.

In Eastern (and Southern Hemisphere) schools of thought senses are correlated with chakras, astral layers, directions, sun signs, telluric energies and more.

The reason the senses are perfection itself is because they do their work flawlessly and when they cannot perform as expected, you know. You are likely familiar with most of this; some details are given for the 6th and 7th senses.


The perfect sense for connection to everything. As a Reiki (spiritual healing energy) provider, I love this quote:  “…After years spent immersed in the science of touch, I can tell you that [hands] are far more profound than we usually realize: They are our primary language of compassion, and a primary means for spreading compassion.”      –Univ. of Calif. at Berkeley.


The perfect sense for appreciating the depth of the physical world and how it serves us in various ways. Proverb: “Everyone to his taste.”

British PM Winston S. Churchill: “My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best.”

Ethiopian proverb: “Coffee and love taste best when hot.”

British Poet Percy Bysshe Shelley: I have drunken deep of joy, and I will taste no other wine tonight.”


The perfect sense for memory and sensation, which is why aromatherapy and Aroma Freedom Techniques are gaining traction.



The perfect sense for logic and confirmation.


The perfect sense for balance, frequency and vibration.


The sixth sense perfectly captures data of the first five senses. Your intuition, extra sensory perception (ESP),  inner guidance, Higher Self, common sense, and mother wit are other terms for it.

When you trust this sense, it becomes stronger and you see even more clearly.

Possible online scenario: “He bought that sight unseen.” He just knew it was his and followed through.

When you reject what the mind’s eye shows you or won’t look closely at it, you reject your own imagination. You are less creative because of this.

You also may feel flustered or frustrated at times because you “refuse to see the truth” (and should have seen it coming, relatives would say). This is also known as rowing upstream in DaNile (denial).


The perfect sense for connection to The All and The Source of All Sources, also known as the crown chakra. Another name for this faculty is Spirit/You-ality.

Spirituality is a sense of Oneness that contains and expands.

You fully know the seen when the first six senses are working properly and you feel blessed and humbled most of the time.

You fully know the unseen when the seventh sense is so strong you must always defer to it.

None of this means you are a soothsayer or seer; you just know what you know and sometimes know it beforehand. If you’re religious, you may say God told or inspired you. In matters of the heart you may say, “I just know he’s the one for me.”

The weakness comes in thinking you know, but you’re wrong. The ego has allowed you to perceive partially through the other senses and fooled you into a judgment.

The crown connection is strengthened with meditation, prayer, pure oil of frankincense, and cleansing methods such as spiritual baths and smudging with sage. 

Opening and honoring the seventh sense is an important step in the spirit-driven goal of attaining above-the-line health.

The other senses easily fall into place when the connection to the divine is healthy and unbreakable. This is how miracles occur; how the doctors don’t know “how 4th stage cancer went into remission with just two weeks to live.”

Opening and honoring the seventh/crown sense is the beginning of possessing unreserved imani, or faith… 100%… the realm of no doubt.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid