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5 Signs You Need A January Oil-Change

& Lifestyle Changes You MUST Make For A Powerful 2017

David Avocado Wolfe suggests you detox ASAP if you have depression, insomnia, lethargy, indigestion, stress, body odor, weight gain, and mental fog.  Tanaaz says you need a spiritual cleanse if you’re carrying “baggage,” feeling guilt or resentment, lack focus and direction, are in denial about what is, or feel wronged and taken advantage of.

Are you thinking about detoxing/cleansing spiritually or physically as a New Year’s Resolution?  Let’s say you haven’t said as much, but know that your private commitment to personal change is needed to improve prospects for the year ahead.

I want to give you a jumpstart in the right direction, and my suggestions concern your private commitment to change.

If you drive a gas-powered car, the oil light coming on is a warning.

Just as with a car, your body-mind-spirit and emotions signal you when an oil-change is needed. 

Taking a cue from Wolfe, Tanaaz and my caregiving and spiritual counseling experiences, here are five signs you need an oil change right now.

  1. You feel weak, like you cannot get up in the morning, and not just in the morning.
  2. You stop doing basic self-care, running out before preparing yourself.
  3. You have body odor, gas, and/or indigestion.
  4. You avoid certain people, and the list is getting longer.
  5. You no longer practice your spiritual or religious rites.


GET GOING AGAIN with lifestyle choices that include hands-on and no- and low-cost actions.

These “oil change” solutions are not only about oils; yet they’ll work to prepare you to use pure essential oils (which can be strong for the uninitiated).

  • Breathe deeply as a practical reclamation of your energy.
  • Drink more water –slowly double and redouble the amount over 2-4 weeks– to hydrate and replenish fluid motion in and around cells, molecules and organs
  • Massage your own body, head, neck, chest, shoulders and back, stomach, thighs, knees, legs and ankles and feet.
  • Address your security, safety and right-to-be-here attitudes. Knowing your body is crucial to elevating your emotions, mind and spirit and the following actions may help to deflect feelings of powerlessness.

— Find your perineum and touch it.  This bone may feel like a knob. It’s located between the sexual organs and anus. It is your torso’s lowest physical point and corresponds to the root chakra.

— To build the energy here, wear reds and browns and recite forgiveness affirmations. You may also inhale and/or apply woodsy essential oils.*

  • Associate with like-minded individuals, people aspiring to a vision of themselves as healthy, happy, accomplished and centered.

TO BEGIN  your January 2017 oil change, GET GOING by making the suggested lifestyle changes. Visit the external website links above and explore this site using the search function. Links to a few related blog posts are provided below.

Remember, this is your private commitment to change and you don’t have to share your interest in transforming your life to family or friends. However, do not be shy, because your life is at stake. The socio-economic/political environment is enough to shake anyone residing in the U.S. today. In other words, our health is greatly stressed!

There’s no risk if you get started with a free, 20 minute consultation.  (Yeah, they usually last longer…)

Or, you may feel empowered already, and want to purchase essential oils and oil-infused products at retail prices here.

You CAN join the HealMobile Team as a wholesale member, but you’ll need guidance on signup options and directions on how to use your pure essential oils, so it’s best to contact me here.

Here’s to a powerful January and 2017!

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

*Essential oils recommended for the first chakra AND for many of the issues indicating a needed oil change* are: balsam fir, black spruce, blue tansy, cedarwood, frankincense, geranium, myrrh, sage, sandalwood, valerian, ylang ylang.

*Claim Note:

The HealMobile is dedicated to improving lives, however our services and information are not substitutes for medical or psychological diagnosis or prescription, nor do we recommend treatment, caring for or cure of any disease. See a doctor or mental health professional for long-standing conditions. SHARE WITH HIM/HER your interest in self-care techniques mentioned by The HealMobile.

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