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Ways To Stay Hopeful When Efforts Seems Hopeless

If you are feeling hopeless– do not despair. There are ways to stay positive and open to good in all aspects of life. Even if Covid19 or another untimely situation has occurred, you can get beyond the pain or abrupt loss.

Here are ways to be optimistic when life seems contrary and shocking.

As my last post indicated, hope mainly means to cherish a desire with anticipation. I’ve learned to look into the mechanics of it, and decided it must begin with an idea to cherish.

I had also said before that I would share some hopes, but the hopelessness many are experiencing has to be addressed first.

The best cherished ideas are those easily envisioned. The thought alone has you feeling happier. Thoughts and feelings melded together can result in a reason for feeling hopeful. When you feel stuck, this oneness of heart and mind is important.

Here is the first of two examples:

A coaching client hadn’t heard from her 30 year-old son in many months. She worried about his health during the lockdown. Every so often she would lament his relationship with a lady who continually astonished family and friends with vitriolic texts and Facebook posts. My client reasoned that his staying away and not calling was because of this woman.

Energetic Reasoning — You ARE Tailor-Made for YOUR Life

At some point, she got to the root of her emotions– her deep sadness. She was truly sad for his life, and not just her mom-son relationship.

Over time she distinguished thoughts from feelings, and gave the latter over to the Creator to handle. This helped her rise above “feeling dissed.” She acknowledged the thought that she had parented well enough and could leave “well enough” alone.

Addressing the sadness issue, she and I worked with energy and essential oils.* After using oils to release blockages of “should be” and “I’m right,” we infused her body-mind with high frequency rays of hope energy.

Her sadness diminished over time. In its place arose the thought –the idea– that her son is doing the best he can. He’s doing God’s work and his soul has chosen this tailor-made experience.

My client began to cherish the idea of him doing his best. His life is perfect for him. This cherishing emotion wrapped arms around the new thought, the idea, that everything is happening just as it should.

Be hopeful about your direction and “what’s next.”

They Were Not Hopeless Ancestors, They Were Watchful

She shed hard tears, because she had never been tested or cleansed like this before. Now she could truly let go, enjoy the fact that he was on his own, and fill her cup with feelings of love and thoughts of certainty.

Then I got word from her telling me she knew she was headed in the right direction. She could feel a resolution coming, and life gave her its confirmation. Her son called and agreed he could communicate better. He pledged to do so.

This was all she needed to hear.

In 2020 hindsight, she realized that the cherished idea, one of hope and trust in God, encouraged the manifestation of communication. It could not have happened before she cleared the crossroads of “he said/she said” and text-nology litter.

Certainly God alone is praised and in charge of those whose “eyes were watching God” — Zora Neale Hurston’s name for the faithful.

Money Is Not Change, But It Can Change You

In the second example, hopelessness about money became transformed through the thought of loss and idea of unending gain.

This time, an energy client, AKA a “receiver,” was on a maiden voyage to the land of financial freedom. Time and again she had tried to shake the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle and dependence on credit cards.

She had difficulty budgeting, but knew how to squirrel dollars away for a rainy day. She always had a side hustle, through wholesaling and multi-level marketing. Then she met him.

Her “business partner” described investment vehicles that were evergreen and didn’t depend on markets. She believed every word he said and gave every dime she had. She found it difficult to say, “No, I don’t have it,” or “No, I’m not interested in that.” If it isn’t obvious, she fell in love along the way.

Why is another post entirely. In any event, the fog lifted a bit and she realized the returns weren’t coming in as fast as the coins were going out.

Money and everything else comes from the sky, just as we did. And through people.

Beyond Being Mad At Those Who Have Money…

It seemed the ventures were money pits, because they always needed cash infusions. Dividends were tied up and the paperwork didn’t assure that her principal stayed intact.

Once, her partner asked if she would give him Ten Grand if he didn’t tell her what he needed it for. She immediately said, “No.” He spoke about the role of money in life, and his voice rose as he explained the inability of money to carry you through death, so why cling to it in life? Do you trust that I have your best interest at heart? Haven’t I shown you that money has to have a flow and cash flow is the object of business in the early stages?

Do you think your Ten Thousand Dollars will have an impact on my life or your life? Are you keeping it from me, or from yourself? Is money more important to you than supporting your dream? Than creating something for your children?

They had been sitting in a car and she had complained about his spending from a shared business account without enough heads up time. This was how it started. He thought she tracked every penny.

I do not, she explained. I’m a good estimator. My intention is to build my retirement fund, not speculate. I am not cut out for this! There was much more heat to this discussion, she shared.

Would Money Always Be This Hopeless Enigma?

The questions went on and on, and her heart was pounding. Then she broke down. Through tears she raged, Yes! I’d give you the money! Is that what you want me to say? IF I HAD IT…. But, No! How can I not know what it’s for?

It’s not what I want, he said. It’s what do you really want? She realized this was the question of her life: What does money really mean to me?

From that point on, my receiver’s body welled up with deep breath energy that she held for a moment, then loudly released. She appeared limp from the minefield she had stepped on.

Would money always be this hopeless enigma? Her partner afterward explained that he didn’t know what came over him, badgering her like that. The message for her seemed to push through him, and he was as surprised by the upset his questions caused as she was.

He also said No and Yes are the same to him, which was curious to her. He was responsible for doing what God asks of his life, and she was responsible for doing what God asks of hers. Their relationships was not conditioned on her response.

No and Yes Are The Same When The Covenant Says Choose and Know

What did money really mean to her? It was deeper than she thought.

My prayer-work with her began with revisiting my own covenant with God. The Quran says the Creator gathered all souls together and asked, Am I not your Lord, and all the souls answered, YesAll right. Don’t say you didn’t know. (paraphrase)

To me this verse says we are always taken care of. We can choose to “act like we know” in faith and with certainty of guidance.

This covenant is the foundation of my energy service. Over several sessions with this receiver, and by the grace of God, a sense of knowingness developed. I held the space of Reiki at her crown energy center and envisioned all the wisdom of the ages pouring in there.

Reiki –spiritual healing energy/universal life force– also known as “energy massage,” helped me to fill the energetic gap left by her waffling over what money really meant to her. (A session is something to experience and much harder to explain.)

Expect Support Always & Always Your Expectations Are Supported

She had felt hopeless about keeping up with money demands she didn’t think she could fill. She typically worried herself sick about where money would come from. As if she controlled the infinite!

Yes, she had committed to being a start-up investor. But it was hard reconciling the linear counting of pennies with the nonlinear, promised support from Spirit.

That reconciliation is exactly what happened.

In keeping a nightly gratitude journal, she noticed and began to track how new money coming in almost instantly filled the money gaps.

“To expect with confidence” is another meaning of hope. Once this receiver of money (and high frequency energy) began expecting money, it came. She had confidence that gaps would be covered and they were.

Tenants paid rent early. Money owed was suddenly returned. New customers bought her products, and a new money affirmation appeared out of nowhere on YouTube.

She learned to ask for money she needed, advised by an unknown Facebook “friend.” After taking his advice, the exact sum for a new expense came unexpectedly and miraculously, defeating her thoughts of hopelessness.

Meanwhile, the squirreled-away funds were increasing in value nicely.

Suddenly, there was no more room for pessimism. She was no longer stuck in rat-race, hustle mentality, because she learned to signal her consciousness to take the time to expect great things. Finally, she was able to change lanes and move along with confidence… even if her money conversations were not all completed.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy

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