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Hope Is Available & It’s Good For Your Health

photo-crowd of ethnicities smiling
Hope springs eternal in smiling. Notice the healing feeling…

There is hope and it is said it “springs eternal.” Let us look more closely to see what can help us be aware of the gift that hope is, its present.

We’ll notice its potential — the First Eye, clairvoyance, or future-we-feel aspects of hope. Then we’ll look at the flip side, the underside, the shadow that consumes people who don’t use or like to use the word hope.

The “h” can stand for holy. When I think something is holy I cannot grasp the high specialness of it. I just know it is very, very special and cannot be superseded, overcome, torn from God.

The “o” can represent optimism. It is a looking at life through the eyes of sunshine and sunday’s beaming onto earth. There is always something growing, and always something enjoying the beam of light.

“P” can represent possibility or positive. This is the upward looking that gives us room to imagine something other than “p” words pain or pressure.

For healing work, “e” will always stand for energy. I’ll also add “excellence.” The eternal that springs from hope is also a beloved “e” word. Noticing these energy meanings alone feels like healing in my soul.

You can hope you can do the above. Then put mental effort behind the hope.

Flip Side of Hope For Those Who Don’t See A Reason To Have It

Notice how we HOP into E. This pretty much sums up the positive take. Now for the other listening, the subconscious, knee-jerk reaction to the energetic frequency of the word.

Here, the “h” stands for hellbent. People thinking hope is an empty, shallow or stupid word reflect a hellbent persona. Life is fearful instead of fearless. At least this is the mask worn by those enmeshed in denial of looking forward or into a holy aspect.

This time, “o” stands for oppression. The circle closes in on one, instead of expanding to include others. Oneness includes others, yet these “o” words do not relieve the heart on this flip side. A lonely dot in large circle is unaware of its true capacity

“P” in this iteration is pessimism. Hope sounds like abject, “pure D” bull#$%^ as “old heads” used to say. As a newer old head, however, I now know there are very few good reasons for pessimism.

Looking at the flip side, the letter “e” now stands for effort. Most of us want the word to mean, “manifest the result I want,” and with the least effort possible.

To Cherish is To Hold Dear

Insistence on manifesting without some kind of effort is not conducive to health, self-development or social healing.

If the effort is relegated to the mind and the realm of mental thought patterns, then this is within each person’s control. How huge is that!?

Hope really means: (Merriam Webster)

1 : to cherish a desire with anticipation : to want something to happen or be true: hopes for a promotion; hoping for the best; I hope so. 2 : to expect with confidence : trust Your mother is doing well, I hope

There is nothing bad or wrong in expecting with confidence or cherishing a desire. These active words give the breadth that hope signals for the mind. At least, to my mind.

In my next post I’ll share some hopes I have for the future-present gift of now. There is so much to be hopeful about — to cherish and to expect with confidence.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy

The Audacity of Hope, a book written by President Barack Obama that I haven’t read, is fittingly titled (I realized, after writing this).