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Three Oil-Energy Perspectives

Did you know the entire world follows just three perspectives on the use of essential oils (EO)? Although the use of EOs as nature’s living energy has ancient precedents, in China, the Fertile Crescent, Africa and India, Western European nations have given us today’s most popular oiling techniques. (Note: Anointing using essential oils in the Christian Church is a growing U.S. phenomenon that is in the embryonic stage.)
Here are the primary belief systems driving our use of essential oils:
  • all EOs should be diluted in a fatty oil and no more than 5% should be EOs
  • oils are best used in massage therapy
  • most oils are not of a quality that is safe in undiluted applications
  • believe in the aroma of oils and popularized the term aromatherapy
  • oils molecules go directly into the brain through olfactory nerves which are connected to the middle of the brain, the amygdala (simply put, the “hard drive” or “OS” for the emotions)
  • believe the human being benefits when all four methods of taking oil into the body are used–skin, smell, ingesting, body orifices such as the rectum
  • believe oils must be therapeutic in quality
  • emphasis should be on therapy, not just aroma

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–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid