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7 Reasons Spiritual Energy Is A Freedom Technique

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Art by Sayy W. Pauly, Your Journey Into Self. (Register or Schedule REIKI)

The next REIKI course —this is an intensive training in spiritual healing/universal healing energy—  will be Oct 22,23, 2016. This course leads to certification as a Reiki II practitioner, and an overview of why REIKI is critical to health and well-being in is order.

  1. IT IS PROOF YOU MATTER. When you give Reiki to yourself, you feel it, and afterwards, you feel energized or tranquil. Even if you don’t feel it, clearer thinking gives proof that it works.  This is magnified when friends, family or customers thank you for helping them to feel better.
  2. YOU GIVE, THE WORLD GIVES BACK. During self-treatment, the stillness of your body-mind-spirit is a state of repose and attraction. Your vibration becomes fine-tuned and rhythmic, and you are opening pathways by vibrationally removing the cosmic clutter surrounding your life. These spiritual healing/universal healing actions stimulate and reconstitute matter in your world, for your greater good.
  3. THERE’S NO OUT THERE. Regularly giving and receiving Reiki builds and strengthens the mind-body-spirit. This inward motion changes you and frees you. You’re a different kind of magnet and the people you are looking for are looking for you. You won’t chase people you wish would come along. Now you’re a rock, the huge solid type people want to lean on and take shelter under. You appear alone but you’re all-one and connected to all.

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    Rock of Gibraltar. Click to Register or Schedule REIKI

  4. DON’T TALK ABOUT IT, BE ABOUT IT. There’s no reason to convince people that Reiki works. They won’t believe you anyway. Let them feel it. Let them see your family, values, cards and flyers, voluntarism, activism, passion and yes, website. Let them feel you.
  5. KEEP IT MOVING. It’s no use trying to hold tight to those who want to let go. They’ve changed because they don’t trust you and your energy theories, so don’t ignore the change in relationships. Go with the new flow. Giving yourself Reiki will help you to take the reins and follow the trot of your reawakened intuition.
  6. BE YOURSELF. Follow your own life goal and no one else’s. Another’s goal will never motivate you like your own. Cultivate your Reiki rhythm, passion and culture and be thankful as it leads you.
  7. TRUST THYSELF. Treating yourself forces you to trust yourself. The more experience you gain by applying what you read, watch, learn in our courses, and practice on self and others, the more you will know you were selected for this. And free to choose it.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid