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Reiki for Believers

the-milky-wayMaybe you feel called to REIKI and the act of healing with your hands, but co-religionists at your church, mosque or temple reject the subject and the laying on of hands.

This makes you feel doubtful, unsure, worried and other emotions that have no permanent place in the mentality of a human BEING.

For people who believe in God with their whole hearts and who wish to do right by the majesty they realize is AT HAND — pun intended — humbling oneself to be used as handmaiden or handyman for healing dis-ease is a daunting task.

No one can support you in the decision the way that your Creator can, and none can understand your calling the way the Creator does.

Indeed, the calling for you to consider REIKI (spiritual healing energy) is from the Most High, and your rock is the foundation of the kingdom.

Most exalted is the One in whose hands is all kingship, and He is Omnipotent. HQ: 67:1

REIKI for Muslim Believers is offered in order to focus attention on the need for members of the ummah to incorporate appropriate, therapeutic touching into relationships and community well-being.

REIKI for Christians and Believers On Other Paths is already a part of the curriculum as taught by The HealMobile.

Master Teacher Hawayo Takata had an agenda for involving Christianity in the introduction of REIKI into the U.S. This is why she said Sensei Makao Usui, a Buddhist monk, discovered REIKI in response to his quest for the secret of Christ’s healing methods.

This was not true in the letter of the message, but it was true in the spirit of it.

Similarly, it is not true in the letter of the message that “God came in the person of Fard Muhammad” to Elijah Poole, founder of the Nation of Islam. It is true in the spirit of it.

In both instances, the marketing and promotion of the true message was sprinkled with information designed to grab attention, and in this way the message was fed with a baby spoon to the hungry baby.

The role of religion is to maintain origin stories in such a way that people are molded by them. The role of spirituality is to offer paths for greater understanding of origin stories towards attaining wisdom.

The opportunity here is to preserve one’s devotion (be religious) for the god of one’s understanding, and to release one’s compassion (be spiritual) for the love of humanity.

REIKI as a technique for Believers involves the technical application of devotion, compassion, the unseen, prana, chi and ki energy. The spiritual, breath and energy conversations that are popular in the 21st century New Thought and New Age movements are critical components of REIKI, yet often brushed aside by intellectuals, religious folks and others.

pic of waterfall rainbow


Do not be fooled into thinking these conversations are passing fads. They are pools of understanding created by waterfalls of light descending through the ages.

In our REIKI classes we go deep into layers of meaning to gain facility and use these concepts wisely.

Consult with me soon to attend REIKI 1, or 2, or both.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid


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