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12 Citrus Oils You Must Have

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Below are brief descriptions of the aromatic properties of each of the citrus oils. Each oil also offers some benefit for topical application, i.e. when used prudently and mindfully regarding its phototoxicity for those with lighter complexion. Please note that the aromatic descriptions presented pertain primarily to the cold pressed versions of each citrus oil, […]

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It’s Still Spring Thank Goodness

  Well, it took over a week! Technology and life are real social workers and do a great job at INTERVENTION. I’ve since added the cherry tomatoes and African marigolds around the perimeter. I’m growing cilantro and strawberries on the deck. Peppermint has been grouped together instead of the rampant thing it was doing around the […]

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Kwanzaa Message

Dear Beloveds, In the spirit of UMOJA I greet you with HABARI GANI / UMOJA! In the Name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Peace be with each of you as you seek and declare Unity in this Kwanzaa and holiday season. As you may know, I am a stand for the Nine Principles for Loving Living, on which […]

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