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Stop Fighting Your 7 Natural Energy Centers

South African Art Tree: Carve an energy center out of the tree that is your life.

The body has natural energy centers that have to be optimized to do their work. Unfortunately, we humans often compromise them. Also known as vortexes, aritu or chakras, these energy centers are the body’s connection to all life. 

Because they are both terrestrial and celestial, these centers are monumental in importance. 

According to ancient knowledge, these powerhouses catalyze spirals of rotating movement between the organs, physiological systems, the aura and extended nonphysical energies and dimensions.  For more, see my book Light on Reiki and Neo-African Mysticism, described here.

Because they interact with physical energies that we don’t see with the physical eye, our vortexes affect us emotionally as well as physically. When they stay out of balance or remain inharmonious for too long, it becomes a problem.

Recently I became aware of my personal sacral chakra blockage being compromised for many reasons and over many years. Extensive physical and nonphysical energetic work helped me to “right” the “wrong.”

Don’t Fight It— Listen, Observe and Right It

The best way to increase their activity to restore positive motion is to consciously allow the body centers to reset with the specific intention to heal oneself in mind.

This is what I had to do to stop fighting myself — that is, my natural energy centers and what they were telling me — and get back on track (as The HealMobile).

I don’t want you to fight your feelings like I did, even with the Reiki, breath work, other energy work, prayer and meditation I did consistently.  I found out the best way to reset optimal energetic functioning is not to fight it, but to Right it.  

Each of the major chakras, when spinning and operating optimally from the base of the spine and to the top of the head, contributes to spiritually connective natural energy.

We have to listen to what the body’s physical aspect is telling us. Not all of us have a tool like a pendulum to show us what’s going on with the vortex itself. (Muid 2018, p. 69)

Surrender to the Energy

To put it in a nutshell, over the years I fought the power of my natural energy centers by feeling disconnected, perplexed, uncommunicative, detached, doubtful, indecisive, or lethargic

Surrendering myself gave me the feeling of total human empowerment that I sought and deserved. This work is not over and is ongoing because I am human and not a monk. Here’s how I can put the seven feelings of fighting my natural energy into simple terms:


highest energy connection… UNFULFILLED— feeling disconnected; feeling like God/Universe/Sacred Spirituality is not present.

1st Eye—

see beyond and above… CLOUDED— feeling perplexed by what life is showing, and not receiving the perceptions the 3rd eye is giving.


speak truth and manifest… LARYNGITIS— cannot speak about anything or a given subject and seem uncommunicative to others.


knowingness and wisdom… SHUTDOWN— feeling defensive and threatened because self-imposed barriers are insurmountable.

Lower Energy Centers ARE KEY to Winning any Fight

Stomach—(solar plexus)

move the willREJECTION—  feeling doubtful and unable to move forward despite clear evidence and guidance


create what is neededINDECISIVEGut feelings say something isn’t right or feeling remorse regarding a choice, person or situation. 


ground of being & love connectionDISTRACTED— feeling unable to get motivated, stay in motion, and stick to the path. 

All of these deserve their own post. I found out I needed each area addressed, not just the sacral, and therefore ordered a full detailing and overhaul for myself. 

It has taken me the better part of half a year to address and heal my energy centers. Yet, I still maintain that each of us come fully equipped and loaded, ready to ride and/or drive on the truth journey of our lives. 

We all need help. I am living proof that if you don’t take stock of why you stop and stall, you may become sick or dis-eased. This means you suffer. My body’s method was skin rashes and strange outbreaks.

None of us want that. So, if you feel your body-mind expressing itself in alarming or imbalanced way, such as mentioned above, you are fighting your natural energy. Please stop for your health’s sake. 

I’ve done this work on myself for over two decades. This most recent work is giving me energetic revelations of huge proportions. I am available to show you how to stop fighting inharmonious personal energy, right the “wrong,” and honor your Self. 

—Rev. Niamo Nancy

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