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Believe in Yourself and Stand Tall in Life’s Experiences

Using oils to reinforce how you believe in yourself is known, especially in Europe. There, essential oils are employed by medical and psychiatric doctors as well as certified aromatherapists to increase self-confidence and positive mental states as well as build the immune system.

Essential oils are also used worldwide to decrease the symptoms and causes of severe body imbalance. Believe happens to be a supplemental essential oil product that contributes to supporting the body-mind-spirit in all of these ways.

This essential oil blend produced by Young Living Essential Oils contains the pure and unadulterated essences of Canadian balsam resin, coriander leaf, bergamot rind, frankincense (b. carterii), blue spruce, ylang ylang flower, and geranium flower.  

The First Ingredient in a Food List is the Predominant Ingredient

Balsam is one of this world’s tallest evergreen trees. It represents the firm foundation we human beings have on this earth. This tree expresses how we believe because we must have a tall, firm stature when we say we believe in something.

These days, this is crystal clear for me, as I continue to grow The HealMobile in service and healing work. I have come to know that as long as I live, I can expand my capacity to believe.

I fervently believe in “the possibility and creation of unpredictable results” as the Summit declaration states.  By using essential oils like the Believe blend, “I listen for and grant being to” infinite possibilities occurring in my life. This heightened state is in itself is a healing modality, because it is conscious awareness with a purpose in mind.

Among the human family, not everyone has ears to hear or is willing to listen. Thus, the Believe oil blend provides an anointing or blessed opening. Once you realize the unwillingness on your part to be with life as it is, you know you need help. Read on to learn how the balsam tree provides clarity around this need.

According to the American Conifer Society

“This tree is called Balsam fir, Blister- or Balm-of-Gilead fir; Eastern fir or Canada balsam…The species and common names refer to the fragrant resin … obtained in essentially pure form from the bark’s resin pockets.

“Varieties of the species balsam (Abies balsamea) are very popular as Christmas trees… The resin … was traditionally used as a cold remedy and as a glue for glasses, optical instrument components, and for preparing permanent mounts of microscope specimens. 

“The wood is milled for framing lumber, siding and pulped for paper manufacture. Balsam fir oil is an EPA approved nontoxic rodent repellent. The balsam fir is also used as an air freshener and as incense.

“Prior to the availability of foam rubber and air mattresses; balsam fir boughs were a preferred mattress in places where trees greatly outnumbered campers.

Seed cones are held erect … 1.6 – 3.2 inches (40 – 80 mm) long, colored dark purple, ripening brown and disintegrating to release the winged seeds in September.

“On mountain tops, stands of balsam fir occasionally develop fir waves…”

What Balsam Tree Says To Us About Belief

Here I will take each of the highlighted sections above and expand just a bit on their meaning relative to believing in oneself.

Balm-of-Gilead. See Genesis 37:25, Jeremiah 8:22 and 46:11. This perfume and oil signifies a universal cure in figurative speech, based on biblical narratives.

Cold remedy. When cold, body energy stops flowing. You cannot trust life when you feel stopped and overcome with cold.

Optical instrument components. This infers supporting the ability of the body to withstand or hold as true what it sees (optics).

Permanent mounts. Ditto above. Grounding oneself on a mount is stabilizing and builds belief.

Nontoxic rodent repellent. Try keeping your head and heart in belief when rodents and negativity are distracting you. Most cannot.

Air freshener and incense. Stand on a mountaintop and breath in pure conifer air. This boost believing in unlimited possibility.

Boughs were a preferred mattress for campers. How fitting to rest on a tree that is synonymous with conviction and peace.

Seed cones are held erect. Another evidence of standing tall in belief.

Develop fir waves. I love and hear this music for the eyes, visualizing a strong breeze causing waves of moving tree boughs. It is a way to know God is in control.

For all these reasons, there should be no surprise the balsam fir tree is the best known Christmas symbol. It inspires belief by its powerful scent and physical attributes.

You can visit my oils website (https://bit.ly/327irs8/learn-more/) to educate yourself and read the details of balsam and other ingredients in the Believe oil blend. Meanwhile, strengthen your belief as you open your nostrils to inhale your favorite perfume/oil. Allow yourself to breathe in confident health.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy

Claim Note:

The HealMobile offers educational and inspirational services and information. We want the best care for you, but cannot diagnose, cure or treat any disease, mental illness, or chronic medical condition.

So, for long-standing physical or emotional problems, see your medical doctor or licensed health professional. Share your interest in the holistic approach with him or her. Ask for help in creating a plan for the complete healing of the symptoms and causes that concern you.