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Soul Reparations for the Individual and Collective

Reparations for the soul – this is what the Creator recommends, and has allowed Covid-19 to force humanity into a state of introspection. The majority of people are looking at what we’ve done wrong, how we got here, and who is to blame. From a HealMobile, energetic perspective, however, repair of life purpose is calling us. After heeding that, everything will fall into place.

Life purpose is generated from an individual’s soul. Look at it as a gift of soular energy, the ever-present pulsation that can express as breath or rhythm or even electricity.

But this natural energy has undergone assault, battery and worse! Our oneness has been shattered, within and without. The collective sense of introspection reveals dis-ease and injuries — feces on the American flag. We’re just beginning to admit the depth of the sickness. Some of us cannot take it and check out. The pandemic is just the face of it.

AND, the majority keep looking and witnessing, which takes its toll on us individually and collectively.

Through social media – as much as I can take – and phone call and Live visits with friends and family, I realize many of us feel like me, put down. Just sapped of soular energy and inner strength. No matter how positive we sound. In fact, our positivity belies our weariness.*

So what to do?

Nothing. Even a raging fire burns itself out. The energy of doing for the purpose of “correcting” an Act of God is wasted and not well spent.

Functioning As One Soul

In this time of forced navel-gazing, we need to notice ourselves differently. Notice what we are doing.

Since the collective soul is said to function like one soul, it is helpful to look at “what to do” contextually. The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N’COBRA) is a group I’ve long been proud of.** N’COBRA identifies five areas that require what I’d call soul reparations.

I invite you to look with me at these areas to notice where you see personal repair – within and without – such that your contribution to our collective can be maximized (my own story is below):

  1. NATIONHOOD – AKA peoplehood, this area describes the first and overarching injury to our collective soul. Why were we wrenched from our homeland and stripped of tribe, name, language and culture? Better to ask, Who were we? And more importantly, who can we BE, going forward?

2. EDUCATION – This area says the industrial and information complex mis-educates people, preparing them to be wage slaves and consumers instead of producers and builders. To repair the damage, home-schooling, globalizing the curriculum and other techniques are needed to study and plan for independence from institutions that are imposed rather than collaboratively generated.

What It Would Take

3. HEALTH – The Tuskegee Experiment, Henrietta Lacks, high maternal mortality rates – these are only the most glaring examples of people being used as guinea pigs or otherwise ill-served. Trusting a system that does not incentivize good health is not wise. What would it take to provide and control food and health care systems that truly nourish the soul-body-mind?

4. CRIMINAL PUNISHMENT – AKA Criminal Justice – an apt name for how injustice takes too many souls away from us. Through framing, railroading, and harsh sentencing, slavery is openly allowed within the public and private penal system. Our communities must mediate and adjudicate differences and offer peaceful solutions binding on all parties. We have the wisdom and must use it.

5. WEALTH/POVERTY – Redlining and the decimation of “Black Wall Streets” in the USA betrays a slavemaster energy. In response, the new congressional Economic Justice Act ($350b) considers awe-inspiring restitution programs without once mentioning reparations. The healing of the USA’s badly injured, globally maligned, and lost soul will remain elusive, because only Truth is light and points to health. Hiding and avoidance, on the other hand, lead to death.

The Heart of Reparations

I pray you can appreciate how the repair of the individual American soul is at the heart of these areas. Obviously, only the strong, spiritual people, survive. It is up to us to insist on increasing our relationship to Spirit, because when we lose strength, s*&t happens that threatens or erases the people.

Here’s a personal example. I stopped updating the HealMobile blog over the past few months because in 2019, I determined that my biggest injury and harm was the absence of a committed relationship.

I believed something was missing. I believed I should have my running mate, soulmate, twin flame. Right or wrong is not the issue. I simply chose to make finding a life partner a priority.

I slowly ebbed my energy healing business (not quite “full stop”). Seeking to resolve the challenge posed by past relationships, I jumped online and met a few men. Alas, I could tell they weren’t into me. This “dabbling” was relatively safe, and helped to fine-tune my wish list for a fulfilling significant-other relationship.

In the process I discovered, 1) who I become with potential partners, and 2) perhaps I wasn’t ready for a relationship, because I WAS NOT HEALED and whole at heart. The price paid to learn these two lessons, tens of thousands of dollars AND priceless!

Pleasing Thoughts and Confidence

What I missed was this truth: my biggest injury and harm was not the lack of a partner — it was the lack of a PARTNERSHIP WITH GOD ALONE!

It took 29 days of fasting for Ramadan to discipline myself and discern my real needs. Now I am experiencing a cleaner body temple, while the mental and emotional field is clearing up the more I look, notice, listen, and allow space and time.

As a result, I feel softened and surrendered. I give myself Reiki, and a high frequency wave feels as if it is allowing energetic repair of my interior organs. And I know I still have some way to go on this leg of the “journey into self.” (Pauly)

I am learning patience. My soul is more at peace as my body-mind begins to render a picture of lush beauty, complete with pleasing thoughts and confidence in my future. I can manifest healing, because of what I’ve been taught and my sixth sense knows.

Willingness To Repair and Grow

My personhood, willingness to grow, healing, morality and abundance mindset correspond to the N’COBRA harm and injury areas. Preoccupation with these harms has been replaced with soular connection to Spirit. In my case, nationhood was reduced to personally “finding a partner.” Emphasis on the Most High as my spiritual partner was life’s response.

Praise God for allowing my body-mind-soul to self-repair. I am allowed to succeed thanks to Ramadan’s withholding process. Meanwhile, reparation of the choices that harmed, or should I say hinged, delayed, deferred the growth of my soul, is ongoing. I am a request for continuous soul reparations.

Because of this awakening, I’m finding my mind soaring in possibility. Let me know if you see yourself in a particular area that could reveal where healing is needed, personally and collectively. Here’s to digging deeper, and finding and cherishing you.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy

*To lift my spirit, I’ve participated in zoom meetings, courses and positive messaging. A list of my faves, drawn from my 100s of emails a day, is available. These are links to entities that offer peace as allies and partners.

**Here in the US, activists struggle for the healing of centuries of being enslaved and “underdogs” in all senses of that word. People are marching, filing lawsuits, and demanding reparations – specific correction – to the harms and injuries afflicting darker-than-blue men, women and children over generations.