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Why Am I Teaching Reiki/Energy Healing “for Believers”?

I have decided to gear future Reiki/Energy Healing courses toward the people who believe in a God concept and KNOW IT TO BE TRUE. People do not want their beliefs tampered with, and they do not want to feel as if they are lesser-than. The general attitude is AGAINST belief in a higher power. Like, what can be higher than a pandemic, plandemic and climate change?

Media, social media, movies and music play an insidious role in pushing a pro doom-and-gloom agenda, as if it is impossible to have happiness in this world.

Reiki – universal life force energy – is against any line of thinking that is borne of worry or fear. There is too much to share, too much proof. It requires a surrendering of cynicism to embrace the simple truth that joy is available to all. NOVEL (BUT HUMAN) CONCEPT!

pic of reiki/energy healing symbols

Reiki/Energy Healing enhances EveryTHING

THERE IS NO WAY a person’s life can be without meaning, and yet, the latest casualty in this line of thinking is 2019’s Miss USA Cheslie Kryst, who jumped off a building in NYC. She was 30 years old. Our condolences to her family and prayers for her soul – and for us all.

It is about heart and soul. The purpose of Reiki is to inspire people to thrive in their heart and soul. This is the same message all wisdom paths and scriptures offer to their congregations.

The travesty is the public has unwittingly made news media, social media, movies and music laced with negativity the conveyers and arbiters of truth. Misplacing an understanding of life’s truth outside of oneself, instead of within one’s own heart, mind and soul, has dire consequences. It is impossible to have hope when all you feed yourself is despair.


“When I allow S P A C E, I become present to Who I Am.” This is the 2022 declaration from a global self-growth organization, the International Black Summit. There are uncountable practitioners of energy healing and traditional medicine approaches that participate in the Summit. For my part, I know INTIMATE CONVERSATIONS MATTER, and in The Summit, we love them. We CLEAR OURSELVES to hear what life is telling us.

This takes work and courage. Indeed, first and foremost, intimate conversations with one’s Creator matter even more than sharing and clearing with others.

By relieving pain and stress, Reiki is one intimate way of conversing with oneself and healing oneself with a beautiful and relaxing energy massage.

I therefore offer REIKI FOR BELIEVERS, to speak to the pure righteousness of the hearts that intend to meet their maker or finally reside in a place of infinite beauty– knowing they are returning to the source from which they have come. LEARN MORE. –Rev. Niamo Nancy

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