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Night-Dog Dreams and Advises – Poem

pic of bassett hound poem

hear what you think?

I hear what you think when it tumbles through your breath.


the night awaits me like a dog with droopy eyes

when are you going to come home, she asks?


when are you ever going to listen to

and love your dreams?


the sadness spills from a cup of overrunning latté

she is patient, and gives her time to avoid the vet.


waddaya mean? i don’t even drink latté.

did you say you would listen? then absorb:


latté has milk, lots of warm milk.

aren’t you allergic to so much milk?


maybe stop drinking milk.

see if the nervous stomach responds.


i thought you were giving me a cool listening poem.

I am, and you fight to listen.


Saturday Sonnets copyright © 2017 by Niamo Nancy Muid