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Essential Oils Classes — Choose Your Preference

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Essential Oils Classes 1 What Is The Hoopla All About?

  — EOs to mirror your best personality
  — Choosing and blending and wearing the best oils for you
  — Color and scents — how to align them to maximize YOU
Let’s Use Oils to BUFFER A Major Life Transition (Divorce, Accident, etc.) 
  — Learn which EOs to use and how and when to use them
  — How to Stay Calm When the Frenzy of Change Catches You Off Guard
How Can You Use EOs to MAKE YOUR OWN Skincare Products?

Essential Oils Classes 2 — Discovery Series

Let’s Find Out If Oils Can Jumpstart Your Leap to Above-The-Line Health
  — Discover Ways To Use Essential Oils to Boost Your Immune System
  — How To Use EOs for Spring Cleaning
  — The Best Ways to Use EOs for Body Cleansing
  — Discover the Best Ways to Use EOs WITH Your Children
  — Are Pure Oils Safe for Pregnant Women, New Mothers and Toddlers?
  — Discover Ways to Use EOs for Elders in Your Care
Pure and uncut oils can be a huge boost to your holistic health arsenal. For body-mind-spiritual and emotional enhancement, you may want to look into trying a few of these essential oils classes.
In the comments section, let me know which classes interest you.
–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid
Photo courtesy etsy.com