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10 Signs I Needed A REAL BREAK

pic of unicorn for real breakAnd YOU May Too

A Real Break. Life sometimes offers unique ways of showing up and you realize, Wow, this is just perfect!  (Not tongue in check, either.)

Well, I’ve just been chosen from among 100s to take a service trip to Nepal. The purpose is to help rebuild homes devastated by earthquake. This trip is an answer to prayers … and dreams.

No, visiting Nepal wasn’t on my bucket list. Maybe taking a cruise or laying on a beach to forget about time. Doing repetitive physical work could be a great way to forget about time. And the air of the Himalayas, salt lamps…can’t wait.

As a  college student visiting India, I recall classmates talking about Kathmandu in awed tones. Until I looked it up, I didn’t realize Siddharta (Buddha) was born in the capital, Kathmandu. So that’s why the hippies trekked to Nepal.

I’ve always loved Asian Studies. May be there is some past life stuff there, but I never got into that either. To me, the now based on the past is consuming and interesting enough

Time for a Real Break

Being with what is, a real break is coming. Here are 10 signs that shouted my real break — from a routine that was more rue than anything else — was needed:

  1. A dear friend accused me over the phone, “You’re juggling balls in the air, and you need to stop!”
  2. My body became instantly sensitive to anything it didn’t want, resulting in sudden, must-sleep shutdowns or worse, hives.
  3. I kept losing focus on simple projects, like removing someone’s name from my website, and the distractions were taking hours away from the task.
  4. The car broke down after I had sunk $700 into it four days earlier. The mechanic applauded me for catching things before they broke down. But, now almost the same amount is due to a different mechanic nearer my home (it’s extra to pay AAA mileage to get to my regular mechanic).
  5. For a few months now, once or twice a week I pig-out on my favorite snack food, popcorn. I’m really crunching and chewing on the issues. Yeah, I make it myself and sprinkle nutritional yeast and JuvaSpice on it. But two big bowls (the whole pot)?
  6. To soothe my angst, I marathon YouTube videos of spiritual and healing music.
  7. I began sleeping on and with crystals; helpful for digestion and back and leg “heaviness.” Totally surprised by this (from the under-used tools department).
  8. 2nd new habit — meditation, Reiki and Tapping on myself morning, noon and night, and when driving and walking in the neighborhood.
  9. Good habit turned bad — I could not get to the gym for two weeks straight.
  10. Dreamt of five unicorns, and had never dreamt of any unicorns ever.

Gory Details Missing

I am not complaining and whining, just telling an engaging (to me) story. I didn’t share the external factors the above items were reactions to. An even happier ending will be told after I return from Nepal. God-willing and the creek don’t rise!

And, the irony of the previous post being about whining is not lost on me. I’ll continue to use Transformation oil blend and prepare for what is ahead.

In the meantime, please comment, Like this post, and share on Facebook and Twitter. Tell me, what are the signs posted in your life that let you know you need A Real Break?

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid


Anyone have a 0-degree sleeping bag I can borrow or rent? TEXT 201-966-1170.

I leave April 25. Here’s the full list of my travel needs. Calling all service project travelers — can you share?