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My Imperative For Healing Healers

You are all healers, healing all the time, and too many of you don’t know it.

An aspect of the Oneness imperative: I am here to give a different version of upbeat (Batá drum beat). “HealMobile” is used by a Florida animal hospital and someone else, according to Google, uses the name as two words. For me, being The HealMobile, I choose the word-phrase to describe my social agency or contribution to humanity. The human animal craves healing it doesn’t know it already has.

Flash: Just realized an App that offers healing through exhilarating quotations from African Americans and Diaspora Africans is a possibility. Separated into prayers, affirmations, declarations, manifestos, commendations, manifestos, treaties, surrender-systems, wands, ifa Odu, i Ching, quranic and biblical quotes, Ayurvedic wisdom, the tao, zen, —all that supports the oneness imperative and brings people to a higher level of appreciation for what is out there for healing themselves.

Take this: I would need a team of at least four (4) people researching every single monumental book on the top 100 in African heritage/history to pull out the quotes and the healing declarations, etc. How could all this be realized and concentrated into an App? I just saw in my mind’s eye a snapshot of the spiraling upward of various incidences/cities where Africans have a presence, how they are healing their communities. Like, an 800-word essay on the top SMSAs and concentrations of blacks and what they’ve achieved and are declaring/accomplishing currently, cross-referenced to the organizations, movements, leaders, cultural & healer advocates responsible for shifting the community upward. This is a plan, so execute it reader LOL.

Moving Forward is Imperative

Proof positive: The mass of information would prove the reparations activities going on in the community and communicate the “open for business” invitation to work with bonafide movers and healers and traders and global citizens responsible for making life happen now. There is no turning back to systems that do not support the free flow of “movement of Jah people” wherever they have to be to support building the Beloved Communities that MLK envisioned. To move forward is imperative.

Deeper cut: In addition, the top disruptors of health in the DAEUS and ADOS communities would be elucidated with prevention techniques and holistic approaches outlined, references for further study, top practitioners, friendly clinics, retreat centers and hospitals. The HealMobile Retreat and Health Center comes to mind now as a real possibility.

Questions: Why not have somewhere in the world where people can come and be serviced without power play and politics. Why not allow local healers, in complementary relationship with established medical emergency practitioners, do their thing with the people they know best?

… All with the background or historical references needed to support prevention of the spread or magnification of whatever health disruptor is occurring at that time. [Now its COVID 19] This will mean certain vertical trading centers will have to be set up.

… A typo may have occurred. Training not [only] “trading” centers are envisioned. They would intersect with the [business/trade] collaborations required to enhance the manufacture of equipment and products, flow of tools, expansion of healthy lifestyle culture (sanitation, for example), and whatever else is needed to bring good health consciousness into the realm of the people by the people, trusting the people. (Batá drum beat)

The inward turning, forward moving imperative is crystal clear to me and propels the rhythm of my heartbeat. (Batá!) Praise be to God.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy