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Maybe It’s Time To Recycle Your Ego

pic of burlap recycle your ego

Recycle excess and recycle your ego –use the same bin!

As I get better at recycling I notice how much packaging protects my food and keeps it fresh. We often hear about the downside of this reality, such as aluminum and plastics leaching into our food and other horrors. The need for the packaging isn’t always stressed.

Some life experiences oppose my fresh and healthy outlook, but pretend to cover me (“have my back”). I’ve realized it’s EGO that must be recycled like plastics, bottles and cardboard. It’s done a great job preventing a moldy, turning-bad, and rotten-food me.

If you’re new to this blog please know I consider myself as always healing. This is how I approach the holistic health services I provide and how I help others to heal their lives. 

Recycling your ego may not be a new idea. For me, it is a new take on the old idea that masks and may hide the emotional and physical pain quite well. Deep under the ego packaging, we all know the truth.

The ego takes a beating in many quarters –ask psychologists and psychiatrists– and can ruin good health. This is the opposite of my aim of sustaining above-the-line health that keeps you functioning at optimum.


Just as packing is good for some foodstuffs, so is the ego. There are fresh, live and raw foods that we don’t need to package because we’ll eat them up quickly. This is not about that.

We still have to safely transport cooking and body oils, creams, grains, seeds, juices, and more. In terms of body-mind-spirit-emotions-social-animal, we have to safely maneuver,  transport ourselves through this life and get home as well.

We dress, adorn, pamper, and pay close attention to our faces because we want to face the world looking whole, complete and able.

We must put our best foot forward –pay attention to those shoes!– because this shows what we think about ourselves. At least this is what Baby Boomers like me were taught. It doesn’t look like millennials and Generation X’ers have transformed the conditioning much at all.

The multi-layered conditioning that prepares us for interacting with the world is another topic entirely. (Saggin’ pants, etc.)

RECYCLE YOUR EGOpic of keep calm and recycle

For now, I accept conditioning that urges us to beautify ourselves and our faces, and to keep our feet clad in good shoes.

But what to do when the routine is no longer working?

I am doing new things with my appearance because I realize I am thinking, processing thoughts, and experiencing myself in a completely new way.

Yes, this has occurred post-retirement and post-death of both parents. The post-major life event packaging has to keep up with the new reality of my life.

I have discarded the masks, shields, cloaks and hidden weapons guarding the lovable, long-suffering yet indefatigable force of nature that I am.


If you’re anything like me, you may sit with a reality for a while before the change hits you.

My reality is that I’m a landlord. I cannot write every day as I promised myself some time ago. I skip some days in blogging or working on my Reiki manual. With the recycling effort, however, I discard the beat-up feelings that I’m lesser-than because of the truth.

To be clear, I had envisioned myself owning property and housing people decades ago. This was part of my overall vision for my life. Of course I didn’t expect it to happen the way it did.

Embracing my truth must include where I am in this moment in all sectors of my life. Previously, I didn’t have a sector for dealing with people who may require leadership, management and compassion as an owner of property.

My current healing is another self-growth process. The ego packaging is discarded and picked up by the county.

I’m feeling whole, complete and able to surrender to my life work and to drive this HealMobile for the people who can feel me.

–Rev. Niamo Nancy Muid

Image courtesy rehouseny.com